A Human and a Demon

A 17-year old girl goes from her own era to one from 500 years in the past. Where she meets Sesshomaru, a Demon who assisted her in the past, and becomes a his "servant"


1. Chapter 1

Memories from a dream

A young girl, no older than 7, was walking along a stone path. She was singing to herself, in a very peppy mood. She was skipping along, heading somewhere. Her, short, curly hair was blowing in the gentle wind. She was easy to notice, being clothed with a black and white t-shirt and a brown shorts. She wore a pair of snickers, which were red and white. The weather was very warm, it being summer and all. The light slight reflected in her blue green eyes. Her skin was peachy, not tanned despite being summer.

The location she was happily moving towards was a large, thick forest, quite a bit away from any houses. Her eyes were closed as she singing, as if she knew the way by heart. There were a few holes in the path, which she was able to avoid pretty easily. She started walking in the forest itself. After a while, however, she heard a branch snap behind her. She stopped her singing and stopped walking. She looked around her, shaking a little. She wasn't used to people coming into this area. This was basically her safe place.

"Now, now. No need to be frightened, young one," she heard a voice say, making her back out towards the exit of the forest.

"Wh-who's there?" she asked. She held her hands together and pressed them against her chest as she looked around for the source of the voice.

"Right in front of you, sweet little girl," the voice spoke once more, a figure stepping out of the shadows. He looked almost like baboon. Once he stepped into more light, she could see it was more like a suit. Another thing that tipped her off was the fact that his face was entirely blue, and looked like a mask. But that didn't change the fact that she was scared. She kept backing up, ending up with her back against a tree. She wanted to run, but she knew she would never be able to outrun an adult. "Come now, I'm not here to hurt you," he said, the girl relaxing a little. She was very trusting, and his voice seemed very soft.

"Then, why are you here?" she asked first. "And what do you want with me?" after the second question, she heard him snicker.

"I just want to show you a place, which I feel will be very important to you later," he explained, making her curious now.

"Important? How?" she asked him as the man walked a bit closer to her.

"Follow me and I'll show you," he said, turning around and started to walk deeper into the forest. The girl didn't hesitate when she started following him. Despite the fact she knew nothing about him. She was very curious about this place he mentioned, and wanted to know why it would be important to her in the future. The man kept walking, the girl almost going into a small jog. The man stopped suddenly, the girl looking in front of him. She saw an old well, which had been there for ages. but there hadn't been any water in it in forever. Some thought there never was any water in it to being with.

"I've been here many times before, Mister. Why is this so important?" she questioned him, going over to the edge of the well and looking down. Just like she remembered, there wasn't a drop of water. The ground was dry as bone and there was even some grass growing.

"Go down and you'll find out," she heard him say, feeling a push on her back. She fell pretty easily, being very light, and was heading towards the bottom of the well. She didn't scream, just tightly closed her eyes as she waited to hit the bottom. However, she felt it took a while before she hit it. The well wasn't that deep, so she should've hit it sooner. When she did hit it, it didn't hurt at all. Almost like she had been slowly descending down towards the ground. She slowly opened her eyes and saw she was in the well. But there were some vines that were growing on the wall that lead up to the top. She carefully started climbing up them. As she was climbing, she heard something like a roar.

"I don't think that's a kitty. Why did that mister push me down the well?" she said to herself as she reached the edge. She pulled herself and looked around the area. It was completely different than where she was before. She was still in a forest like area, but the trees were different types than then ones she saw before, and they were further apart as well. She climbed over the edge and started walking to see if she could get back home. She didn't feel safe, not knowing where she was. She heard the roar again, making her fasten her pace. But after two steps, she was grabbed by something and lifted up into the air. She screamed at the top of her lunges, looking at what picked her up. It was a scorpion, but a very, very big one. It was holding her in its right claw, studying her. She kept screaming, hoping that someone would hear her. But she wasn't even sure if there was someone nearby to hear her.

Suddenly, the scorpion started running, dragging her with it. She stopped screaming, to not waste her breath too much. When it did stop, however, it threw her out of his claw and she hit a mountain. Luckily, it didn't throw her too hard and she was barely able to stay conscious. She tightly closed her eyes in an attempt to escape the pain, hearing the scorpion closing in on her. She was too scared to open her eyes to look at it, waiting for it to hurt her again. But all she heard was a loud scream of pain from it. She slowly opened her eyes, seeing something or someone fighting the scorpion. She tried focusing on the figure, noticing that it had human features. He was done with it in almost an instant. He landed neatly on the ground after defeating it, looking at where its dead corpse was.

The girl tried getting on her feet, dizzy and having a hard time keeping her balance. She looked back at the one who had helped her, studying his features. He was tall, and seemed to be well trained. He seemed a bit pale as well, compared to her. The first thing she noticed was the fact that he had extremely long hair, which was silver. She noticed his attire, which she found unusual. but she couldn't completely see how he looked, since he had his back turned to her. She wanted to get closer, but after meeting the other man before, she didn't feel safe around a stranger. She met his eyes, seeing the unusual golden color in them, freezing. He turned completely and started walking towards her. She noticed a crescent moon on his forehead, and stripes on his cheeks, as well as on his eyelids. As he got closer, she pushed herself more into the mountain behind her. Her back was stinging, since she hit the mountain back first.

"If I wanted you dead, I wouldn't have saved you," he told her as he was walking towards her. She asked him who he was, though her voice was weak and shaky. If not being injured was enough, she was also terrified. He didn't answer her question, but instead asked his own. Making her think that he didn't hear her. "How did you get here, and who are you?" the girl, too weak in her legs, slid down against the mountain.

"A weird man lead me to a well back in my own town and pushed me down it. Then I climbed up and ended up here," she said, her voice a bit louder this time. "Who are you, mister?" she was still being careful, the man looking down at her. He opened his mouth, as if to say something, but something interrupted him.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" a small voice said, startling the girl. She looked to her left, which was the direction the voice came from, and saw a small, green person running towards them. "Why did you run off like that? I can't keep up with you!" he complained. The girl let out a deep breath, trying to calm down.

"Like he said," the man started, getting her attention. "My name is Sesshomaru. And you?" he introduced himself properly, ignoring the green man.

"My name…is…" the sound of her own voice became fainter, not able to hear herself say her name, before her vision became black.

"Jess, get out of bed and get your butt in gear!" a loud voice awoke a 15 year old girl, who was still sleeping in bed. She groaned as the voice yelled up to her, slowly sitting up in her bed. She rubbed her eye a little and yawned.

"Fine, fine. Stop your moaning. School starts in 2 hours," Jess answered, getting out of bed. "That dream again. It really does feel like a memory," she mumbled to herself. She pulled the covers off and got out of bed. She scratched the back of her head as she walked towards her black dresser draws while leaning against a desk in her room. The sunlight from the window right by the desk was bright, so she was having her back turned against it. She got out a few clothes and started changing. She knew it would get warm, so she didn't want to have too much clothes. She found a black vest and tank-top, as well s a pair of torn, brown shorts. She brushed her long, curly hair and tied it up into a pony tail. And her skin had gotten tanned from being out in the sun so much. She left the room and brought with her a black and brown bag.  She started going down the stairs and sighed once she reached the bottom. Seeing the one who awoke her.

"Is that anyway to say 'good morning' to family?" the older girl complained, making some grilled cheese in a frying pan. The only thing that caught Jess' attention was the fact she was wearing long, fake nails while making it. "Honestly, how long are you going to keep this tough girl act up?"

"Well, if you weren't so annoying, I might treat you with a better 'good morning'." she complained, walking right past her. She did the last of her preparations before going to school and headed for the door.

"Going without food again?" she heard the girl behind her, making her stop with the open door. "How much do you really eat. You haven't eaten in thelast three days since those weird dreams started as far as I know," she pointed out. Jess closed her eyes and let out a sigh.

"Listen, Katrine. I don't care about what you or anyone else says. I eat fruit at school. And my dreams are none of your business," was the last thing she said before walking out the door and slamming it behind her. She started walking towards her school, which wasn't that far from where she lived. She was in her own world, thinking about her dream again.

"Jess, wait up!" she was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard someone yell as she was nearing the school. She turned around and saw a girl her age running towards her. Waving her arm like crazy in order to get her attention.

"Hey Marie. What's up?" she asked as she got closer, her voice a lot kinder than it was when talking to Katrine earlier. Marie held her hands on her knees, trying to get her breath back. He long, brown and golden heir with waves was covering her face, so she couldn't see her expression. Jess noticed she was wearing black training pants, which she usually wore if she expected a fight to happen. Not that she would let her fight to being with. She stood up right again, fixing her dark blue jumper. She also checked her white and purple shoes, making sure that they didn't get in her way if she ran. She looked up as her blue eyes met Jess'.

"Nothing much," she said first, walking so she was beside her friend. "I guess you had a small fight with Katrine again," she suddenly said, Jess' not saying anything to it. "Why can't you just get along with your sister?" Jess just huffed as she finished the last sentence, closing her eyes.

"In my eyes, they're not family," she said, opening her eyes to look at Marie. Who seemed surprised by her sudden statement. "They treat me like a dog who's being disobedient towards its master," she explained, which didn't help Marie's concerned look at all. "Anyway, I've got something else on my mind this time," she opened the entrance to their school as she walked in. She could hear the door hit Marie as the two of them made their way to their classroom.

"Your dreams again?" she asked, Jess giving her a nod in answer. "You said before that you thought they were memories, but the place you explained doesn't exist. You know that, right?" Jess didn't give her a proper answer, only a small nod. She was actually not sure what she believed, but she couldn't get that feeling of it being her living a memory she's forgotten. "No, you don't," Marie said suddenly, pulling her out of her thoughts. "You're unsure,"

"I guess my thoughts are like an open book to you," she smirked, opening a door that led into a room. There were about three people in there already, boys to be precise, Jess turning to her friend. "Anyway, we're already here and people are in the classroom. We shouldn't talk about it while people can hear us," she moved so Marie could go in first. She didn't hesitate and walked right in, Jess following her and closing the door behind her. The boys looked over when she closed it.

"Morning, girls," one of the boys said with a warm smile. His messy brown hair was covering one of his blue eyes behind his glasses. He also seemed to be a little shorter than Jess. Marie cheerfully greeted him as well, but Jess just ignored him and went towards her seat in the back.

"Not going to say anything?" another boy asked. Jess looked over at him, his blond hair very noticable in the sun. She closed them again and sat down without saying a word. She put her chin into her left palm and stared out the window. She could hear footsteps walking towards her, guessing it was Marie.

"You're really not going to say anything?" she heard her ask, Jess slowly shaking her head.

"I have nothing to say to them," she pointed out, not taking her eyes off the window. "Anyway, the girls should come in soon. You might want to get ready for their conversation. I have no intention of being a part of it," she told her, Marie just nodding. As if planned, three girls noisily walked into the classroom. Marie didn't waste any time and ran over to them and greeted them. Jess just kept staring out the window as they started talking about everything she didn't care about.

She started thinking about her dream again. From here, she could see the forest that she was in during the dream. Though it wasn't as big of thick as it used to be. They had cut down a lot of it to make room for this school, which was relatively new. She started arguing with herself about going there after school or not. She wanted to, but she might be labeled as a missing person if she did. She didn't overly care about what her family thought, but she knew her friends wouldn't be too happy. But she ultimately decided to at least see if this place in her dreams were really that. A dream. She heard the bell ring, everyone moving over to their own desk. Jess had been too occupied looking through the window that she hadn't noticed the people coming in. The room was filled with students now and everyone were still chatting away. She had her eyes on the door, waiting for the teacher to arrive.

"Hey, tomboy," she heard someone say behind her, a voice that annoyed her to no end. She moved her head a bit so she could see behind her. She was met with brown eyes and a very cocky expression.

"What do you want, Tim?" she asked him, turning around again. She didn't overly care, but she didn't want him to bug her during class. Which he probably would do anyway.

"You know what I want," he said, his voice making it obvious that he was very full of himself. "And you know where we're going to meet after class," Jess turned her head towards him again and glared at him. She turned her head again and focused at the window.

"Honestly, I don't know why you're friends with her," she could hear one of the girls say, looking at them from the corner of her eye. It was one of the girls that was sitting close to Marie, so she was most likely talking to her. "She's too much of a nuisance," after the last part, Jess just cloed her eyes and blocked them out. She knew Marie would say something to it, but she didn't really care at the moment. The sound of the door made her shift her view, the teacher walking towards the desk at the front. She opened her eyes properly and shifted her position a bit so she was facing towards the teacher.

"Hello, class," she started, everyone greeting her back. "I hope you all had a nice weekend," she smiled at them, everyone either nodding or humming. Once she had given the basic information, Jess turned back towards the window and didn't pay much attention for the rest of the day.

The day went very fast, as it was already lunch time. She and Marie were enjoying the nice weather and eating outside. Like she had told her sister earlier, she ate some fruit which she got from the school. She also noticed as she was eating that she was very hungry. She had forgotten to eat breakfast, even though Katrine told her to. She just didn't want to deal with her sister at the moment. She had taken a few small bites from it, looking at the forest from the corner of her eye. She was still hesitant of going there, so she wanted school to end quickly so she could leave before she had a chance to change her mind.

"Hey," she heard the voice of the boy who sat behind her in class, and turned around to face him. He still had that same look, like he was tough enough to beat anything. She just sighed and looked away again.

"Listen, Tim," she started. "I've had enough of your tough guy act. Since I beat you every time anyway. So just give it up already," she knew her words affected him, since she could hear him growling. Or his attempt at growling.

"Not until you respect me as your superior," he told her, Jess sighing. He had gone on about that since they were young, and Jess had never seen him as someone superior to him. Even before she was able to kick his butt every time.

"We're going to be at this for a long time, then," she told him, turning back to him so they made eye contact. "I will never, and I mean never, see you as superior to me," Tim scowled, walking over towards where she and Marie were sitting at the moment. Jess walked in front of Marie, making sure he didn't get to her. Though she knew he had no interest in her at the moment. She could hear Marie walking behind her, thinking that she was getting furhter away.

The fight didn't last long, both of them getting injured. Jess was once again the winner, which only made Tim more agitated. As the day went on, she just looked out the window, not starting a conversation with anyone. She wasn't interested in their daily affairs. Marie seemed to have gotten the message, leaving her alone. Once the day ended, Jess packed her things and left before anyone said a thing to her. She had already sent a text to her sister, telling her that she would be staying at a friend's place for a while. She didn't say who, because then she would call and ask about her.

She got into the forest and started heading towards where she remembered the well being. Since it was different than it was back then, it was a bit hard getting to it. She was starting to get tired of only thinking about the dream she kept having and not doing anything about it. She found the well pretty fast, going closer to take a better look. At was pretty old, some of the bricks were even broken. She looked down, the ground still dry, and a bit more grass then she remembered there being. She looked around, taking her bag off her shoulder and hiding between some trees. She didn't think it would be a good idea to drag it with her, and if someone came this way, they wouldn't see it. Though barely anyone even new this well existed.

She took a deep breath before jumping down. She closed her eyes and waited to hit the ground. Just like in the dream, however, it took a time before she hit the ground. Like she had been floating. She opened her eyes and looked for the vine, which was where it was last time she saw it. She climbed up, being a lot better at climbing than she was 8 years ago. When she thought about it, it was odd how she never did this before now.

She reached the top and climbed over, not hearing anything like she did before. She walked for a bit to study the area, but just like last time, a roar echoed behind her. She turned around, but didn't waste any time waiting for it. She jumped up a tree and hid behind the big stump. She heard big footsteps walking towards her, trying to stay calm. She couldn't see it, nor did she really dare to take a peek. She inhaled and turned to look. She saw a lot of fur, as well as some cloth. Moving her head a bit more, she saw that it was a wolf-like creature. The cloth was a vest, which was weird. She didn't think she would see clothes on a wolf. Though she thought it was more of a werewolf. She turned away again as it moved its head, her breathing getting heavy. She felt her heart pounding in her chest, trying to calm down. She could hear it breathing deep, unsure of what it was doing.

"I smell someone who's scared," its voice echoed throughout the area. She froze, her heart beating even faster than it did a second ago. "I wonder where this small human is," its voice almost sounded sarcastic at the second part, but it didn't help calm her down. Suddenly, she started feeling drowsy. Her eyelids were getting heavy and her vision blurry. She nodded off for a split second, which resulted in her falling from the tree. She tried to grab onto a branch as she fell, though it broke in the process. She landed hard on her back, pain surging through her. She turned and got up on four, hearing loud footsteps walking towards her. "There you are," the monster said in a low, cheerful voice. "How nice of you to drop by," he emphasized the last part, Jess closing her eyes as she tried getting back up on her feet. But her legs were unable to hold her weight. She just kept her eyes closed as the monster walked closer to her, knowing she wouldn't be able to get away from it. She felt someone above her, thinking it was the monster.

Not wanting to leave without getting a clear view of who ended her life, she opened her left eye and looked at the figure above her. Her vision was blurry, but she could tell that it wasn't the monster. It was smaller, and looked human. She could almost recognize who it was. She tried focusing her sight, but wasn't able to distinguish any recognizable features. Except for his long, silver hair that was blowing behind him due to the wind. That made her think back to the man who helped her in her dreams, a feeling of safety suddenly coming over her. She tried to lift herself up one more time, only ending up slumping up against the tree she felt down, her vision still blurry. The figure jumped towards what she assumed was the monster, hearing a loud shriek of pain and a loud thud.

"You should sit down and rest your strength," she heard his voice. She closed her eyes and gasped for breath. She felt him closer to her, a bit unsure whether or not to open her eyes and look at him. She heard a pair of footsteps walking towards her from her right. She opened her right eye, seeing something green and brown walking towards her. But she couldn't see it too clearly.

"You're in terrible condition. You should be grateful that Lord Sesshomaru  even bothered to help you," it said, Jess trying to recall who it was. She thought of the imp that was with the man in her dreams, guessing that this was him. She could barely make out something yellow, thinking that it was his eyes. She confirmed to herself that this man was the one in her dreams, and the one she thought helped her when she was younger. Her voice was very weak, so she didn't think anyone actually heard her. "What are you talking about?" she heard the imps voice, slightly turning her head towards him. "I don't remember seeing you before. And I've been with Lord Sesshomaru for ages," he finished, Jess closing her eyes again. She felt tired and just wanted to sleep. "Hey, don't ignore me you ignorant-" the imp was yelling at her before the man interfered.

"Leave her alone, Jaken. She's not to be harmed," she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the man. She had just connected the dots that the imp, who he had just called Jaken, was talking about him when he said 'Lord Sesshomaru'. Her vision was getting worse, to the point where everything was a blur to her. She shook her head and tried to get up once more, not wanting to lose consciousness just yet. But she fell down again, and ended up lying in the dirt and breathing the soil. "You shouldn't push yourself," she could barely make out Sesshomaru's words, feeling something next to her ear. "Why did you come back here anyway?" she wanted to answer him, but her voice was too weak and she was unable to say anything. She could hear Jaken ask if he knew her, clearly confused by her connection with him. "You have a very bad memory. Though it has been a long time since we last met. And she's grown a lot since then as well,"

"Why did," she started, finally getting some sound out of her mouth. "Why did you help me?" her voice was weak and horse, and she was clearly in no condition to be talking. Let alone getting up. Her vision blackened, barely hearing his last words.

"Like I said 8 years ago. If I wanted you dead, I wouldn't have saved you,"

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