Wildest Dreams | z.m, t.s

It's funny how a love affair can turn into a song

Songfic, based on the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
I do not own most of the characters in the book, they are real people.
Book is entered into the competition 'Fanfic Royale'
Cover was created by me, using the website called 'Picmonkey'

Copyright ⒸKevin_et_moi™2015


8. [8]


"No Zayn!"  I yelled as the boy dragged me behind him. The rain which once was pouring turned into sprinkling and the warm wind made my skin shiver.

"What?" Zayn stopped abruptively and looked at me, our hands intertwined. His head was leaned to the side and his lips were a cute pout which made them look so kissable. His shirt was clutching to him making it one with his skin. The ink underneath the wet material was a blur encouraging me to imagine further.

 "Nothing." I giggled childishly and shook my head. My wet hair sent droplets of rainwater fly in all directions hitting Zayn in the face. Zayn chuckled and looked at me sternly, “I think all that wine got you singing.”

I furrowed my brows at him and looked through lost expressions at his face, wondering what he meant. “But I’m not singing.” I muttered looking at him and outing like a little 5 year old.

Zayn burst into fits of chuckles and shook his head, “That’s what Liam used to tell me when I was tipsy.” He mumbled back with a smile on those pinky lips. My mouth formed and ‘O’ shape as his words sunk in, yet I had to wonder who this Liam guy was.

Shaking the thoughts out of my head because it got obvious that I won’t remember I looked around the place we were in.

We were standing on a patch in a huge park. Grand trees were standing around us, like big statues. I was looking for something fun to do in this posh city, something teenagers would do.

“Zayn I wanna play poker.” I whined catching the boy off guard. Zayn looked at me and tried to suppress a laugh. He raised his right eyebrow up and his mouth was partly open in surprise and amusement. He looked so damn good.

“No.” Zayn said sternly and gave the ‘parental look’. I furrowed my eyebrows and crossed my hands showing him that I would not move if he wouldn’t agree to my awesome idea. He rolled his eyes obviously getting annoyed with my attitude.

“Please?” I pleaded making my eyes big. “Only if you will be quite” Zayn muttered and pointed a stern finger at my face which I tried to bite but he took it away before I could. I nodded and clapped my hands as I; this time took his hand and dragged him behind me.

In the hotel where we ate, there was a casino club where old men and only the best of the best businessmen sat and gambled.

Port and whiskey was served for everyone and as I observed the area my eyes laded to a big, green table. I wasn’t as drunk as anyone would have expected me to be, but I just had the bad urge to dance on it. Like seriously dance and perform.

It’s a one night chance; let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to take it?

Quickly, without Zayn realizing it, I walked towards the bar and asked the man to turn the music up. A random tune was playing which didn’t suit my mood right now so I asked him to play one of my songs.

He chose the first song which came under my name. The familiar tune of ‘Shake it off’ came on which made me smile big.

A random bottle of vodka stood on the bar unattended which I quickly took and confidently walked up to the green table. Before walking a step closer to the green table, I looked at Zayn who was looking frantically at me and shaking his head ‘no. I shook it off and placed the bottle next to a man, in his early 30’s. He looked up at me from his concentrated state of mind. I smiled big before pulling the bottom of my dress up and throwing my knee over the edge of the table.

“Excuse me madam what are you doing?” the guy in a suit giving out cards asked me frantically and looked around at the six men who sat around the table. I smirked and took the closed bottle as a microphone before I started singing the beginning of the song.

I waked up and down the table, my hips swaying to the beat as I added a few jumps here and there. Everyone in the place were looking at me and Zayn, he was internally smirking, I could see it, but on the outside, he looked as if he was about to kill me.

The man in a suit called tried to get me down and received a few slaps. The players around the table where looking at each one of my moves with wide eyes, scared I might break their piles of blue, yellow, green or red chips. I just smirked at everyone and sang the chorus of my song receiving a few weird glances from the older ladies but I naturally shook them off my eyes searching for the dark haired boy who accompanied me into here.

“Taylor!” I heard my name being called. I found him! Or well, he did first but whatever. The song was playing in the background as I looked at him down. His face was all about getting me down from the table but my thoughts were nowhere near there.

As I walked closer to him, my left foot accidentally kicked a red chip and the whole pile got mixed with the yellow one. Zayn face palmed himself which I decided to ignore. I kneeled next to him and grabbed his hand pulling him onto the table as well.

Unscrewing the cap from the bottle and wrapping my lips around it I took a long sip. Another song came on as the liquid went down my throat and left a burning sensation there.

I wrapped my hands around Zayn’s neck and pulled him so close to me our bodies had no space in between. I was smiling up at him as ‘Confident’ by JB filled up our ears.

Zayn smirked at me ‘She’s got a body like that, I ‘aint seen nothing like that’ he sang along with the words in a husky voice making me want to die right here and there.

Bodyguards ran into the building as the yellow chip guest raised a whole scene about his chips getting mixed with red. Three big and bulky men walked in sulkily. I was about to get down the table but the yellow chip guest was really annoying me right now so before thinking my actions over because, a) I’m drunk after all and b) I had the weird feeling of wanting to sing this part of the song, I repeated the words and kicked the yellow chips all over the table.

Zayn stood next to me mouth agape watching my every mover. I took another burning sip of vodka as I watched the yellow chip guest and pulled the finger up at him. His expression changed to complete rage and the only thing I could process was Zayn’s hand holding mine and his voice screaming “Run!”

I couldn’t catch up to Zain as I tripped and stumbled every second step I took so he ended up pulling me over his shoulder.

The bar man and the bodyguards were chasing us but they couldn’t catch up to Zayn.
He slumped me into the passenger seat and sat next to me. We spend ten minutes on the way back to our own hotel laughing about the whole situation.

And when we finally unlocked the door to the hotel, I felt his body press to mine. His lips whispered my name over and over again as his breath tickled my ear.

I set the bottle of vodka which I accidentally took with me on the floor next top us and Zayn turned me around our lips meeting. He kissed me passionately and hungrily. A step back and the bottle fell onto the floor creating a puddle of strong smelling alcohol.

He walked us to the bed, lips never parting and when he was above me, I he whispered, words I might not forget, “Nothing lasts forever”.

I was looking straight my face expressionless my soul empty. I just simply remembered the scene which made me feel mostly loved. And it just passed. Simply passed, flew by.

My brain was not working yet my hands were hard on writing, writing down words, I sure am as hell, are not about Harry Styles.

I said "No one has to know what we do,"

His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room

And his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever

But this is getting good now


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