Wildest Dreams | z.m, t.s

It's funny how a love affair can turn into a song

Songfic, based on the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
I do not own most of the characters in the book, they are real people.
Book is entered into the competition 'Fanfic Royale'
Cover was created by me, using the website called 'Picmonkey'

Copyright ⒸKevin_et_moi™2015


7. [7]


   A black sky filled with billions of stars lay above my head. It looked magical. A big, full moon hung among the stars and shone down at our small table making the pearly white cotton which covered it glow.

   No people around, a small button which gives signal to a butler and Zayn. 

   Beautiful diner plates lay on the table, there were I should sit, and where Zayn should sit. 

   He stood tall and straight next to me, his hand holding mine lightly as he smiled and nodded "Thank you" to the butler. 

  He pulled my chair out and told me to sit down. I watched him walk casually over to his seat. I watches his muscles flex as he slowly pulled out his chair and sat on it. I watched him sit across from me and pick up the drink menu. 

 "What would you like to drink?" his voice deep and accent thick coming out from thin pink lips. I cleared my throat and took a look at the menu as well, understanding little of the words, as I was no a wine expert. 

 I scanned, through the 'French Wines' list, knowing that they were the really good once and listened to Zayn read out a few. "I really don't mind." I mumbled finally averting my gaze towards him, "I like red though." 

  Zayn nodded and pressed the button. The doors from which we entered opened up and the same butler that has showed us our table came in. He took the order for drinks and starters and left.

  He and I, we shared small talk as we waited for the butler to come with our food. We have decided what we will take as a main dish and the night seemed perfect. 

 A song was playing from a hidden speaker in the background as I listened to Zayn's husky voice. He blabbed on about Tour and how Louis pulled a trick on him once. His gaze was misty and far away. He looked nearly dreamy and hazy as he spoke about the days he gave up on. I smiled and watched his lips move, dreaming about how they would feel on mine. Again.

   "Taylor? Tay, are you listening?Tay-" Zayn pouted and threw a small piece of bread at me. 

   "Hey!" I laughed and threw it back. Zayn laughed as well as he caught it with his hand and threw it into his mouth. That made me chuckle and shake my head at him.

 The butler came back in and took our orders for main and dessert. He set in front of me, the typical French starter which consisted out of three pieces of duck liver else called foie-gras. 

 We ate up quickly and shared heart to heart conversations with one another as the night passed by quickly. A flash of light appeared above our heads giving me a jump scare. "Zayn are you sure it won't rain?" I asked as a small wind picked up and sent a wave of chills to roll up my spine. I shivered.

 Zayn took off his jacket and handed it to me, then looked up at the sky. He scrunched his face looking hard for any other clues that the once clear sky might have a cloud. And sure it did. 

 The once dark blue sky, which was filled with billions of stars, was now covered with clouds. "Nope, I'm sure we will finish before it starts to pour." Zayn mumbled and smiled at me. I nodded and took another spoonful of my dessert.

  When I was about to finish my last spoon of sweet goodness, a drop of water landed on my nose. I accidentally dropped my spoon due to my surprise of how big the drop was and crossed my eyes to look down at it. 

 Zayn chuckled at me and took his phone out snapping a quick picture. My eyes shot up and I gave him a playful glare. 

 "I told you it will start raining." and as soon as those words rolled out of my lips big thick drops started to fall down on us. I screamed and jumped up from my seat making Zayn erupt into a fit of laughs and chuckles. My mouth shot open as I watched his eyes form small slits as he laughed his heart off. 

 My once curly hair stuck straight to my cheeks and thank god I wore waterproof mascara. "Zayn!" I yelled at the boy who was still laughing at me. His once gelled back hair was also getting wet, but what did it matter for him. He didn't look like a rat when he was wet. Hell, when Zayn was wet, he looked sexy.

  The hidden speaker started playing 'Night Changes' again and this time, it was I who laughed. Zayn's expression darkened as he yelled "Again!" anger visible in his voice which made me laugh harder. 

 Zayn looked at me and smirked. He got up and walked towards me, his hand held out. "Would you mind sharing a dance with a very attractive gentlemen m'lady?"  he mumbled as he bowed a bit. I laughed, "Why thank you, but Leonardo Dicaprio didn't ask me for a dance yet." I mumbled sadly hiding a small smirk which was about to spill out from the mask I was wearing.

 Zayn gasped as he moved close to me in a swift ( A/N: see what I did there ;) ) motion and got hold of my waist, pulling me close to him. When his body was touching mine and his hand rested comfortably at my waist, I placed mine around his neck and smiled up at his masculine figure.

 We swayed until the song finished, Zayn singing his parts in the sing which made it all unfortunate times better.


"We're only getting older baby

And I've been thinking about you lately
Does it ever drive you crazy
Just how fast the night changes
Everything that you've ever dreamed of
Disappearing when you wake up
But there’s nothing to be afraid of
Even when the night changes

It will never change, baby
It will never change, baby
It will never change me and you"



 I chuckled as I realised how accurate this song was to the wet situation we were currently in.





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