Wildest Dreams | z.m, t.s

It's funny how a love affair can turn into a song

Songfic, based on the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
I do not own most of the characters in the book, they are real people.
Book is entered into the competition 'Fanfic Royale'
Cover was created by me, using the website called 'Picmonkey'

Copyright ⒸKevin_et_moi™2015


6. [6]


    Dear judges, I would like to let you know, that the parts of the story written after this chapter (including this one), have been updated after the competition has ended :) ~Kevin_et_moi


   I felt the pain spread through my head and into the rest of my body as I slammed my head on the table for the fifth time trying to get rid of the the thoughts which were running through my brain like a mini waterfall of events.

    We walked down the long dark corridor of the hotel and waited patiently in the elevator for the doors to open indicating that we arrived to the lobby of the hotel. The elevator music was muffled yet I could clearly understand the song which was played - 'Night Changes'. I heard Zayn sing a few verses before stopping himself. I side glanced at him and smirked. "Miss the much?" I asked the smirk never leaving my lips.

  He nervously tagged at his hair and shrugged. My eyes lingered on his mixe expression for a while as I watched his moves. They were tense and weird. The tension in the small room made it very clear that he didn't know how to answer and my joke-ish question was a mistake to be asked. "Sorry" I mumbled and averted my gaze away from his face.

  "I don't know." he mumbled and threw his hands into his pockets.


  Zayn looked at me and I looked back. My eyes looked into his dark ones trying to figure this mysterious stereotype a little bit more yet I think it was a really hard puzzle. 

  "I don't know why I left them. I don't know why I left the band. Why I thought that a fight with Liam, Louis and Harry was worth leaving the band I spent the last 5 years of my life with." he mumbled his voice quite and mysterious. His expression was quite and dark. His eye gave me the expression that he might start crying in a few seconds and I felt guilty. 

  Without a second though I took two steps toward him and hugged him, taking him in by surprise. A deep cough was heard from the doors of the elevator and we broke up at the same time. An old man in his mid 70's was standing in front of the open elevator doors, obviously annoyed yet he looked like he was enjoying our little moment here. 

    "Move it, I don't have all day." he grumbled and shoved us out if the elevator not even bothering to speak nicely. "Go take a chill." Zayn growled making me tag harshly at his hand. "Zayn." I whisper yelled making him chuckle. 

   "He can't just speak like that to my girl now can he?" Zayn asked looking straight at me. He was waiting for any signs of affection of his words had on me but I couldn't move at all. "Shall we go then?" he asked extending his hand for me. 

 I accepted and followed him outside the hotel as his words replayed in the back of my mind like a really nice dream, "... my girl...".

  Tears rolled down my cheeks as the memories came crashing down on me. I missed him and I missed his voice. I missed the way he called me "my girl" for that moment and onwards. I missed his kisses which always left a lingering feeling on my lips. I missed his mysterious character and his soft fingertips brushing through my hair. 

   I slammed my head yet again on the bar next to my stack of white papers and written mess. I broke down crying as tears slipped out of my eyes and my lips became swollen as if I was just kissing Zayn. I felt sorry for the boy who left the band which was the only source of his living and messed up the entire of his life, dedicating it to long sleepless nights and alcohol. 

   I many times, find myself thinking, 'If the trip went well, if we kept in touch, if we dated normally, I could have made his life better. Helped him get through everything.' It wasn't my fault though, that Zayn ruined his career and our relationship and as much as I would love to keep him, I can't because going back to him may have the same consequences, and that shouldn't happen for the third time in a raw.

   Zayn led me into his car and told me not to attempt on asking anything because anyway, he won't tell me where we are going. I quietly yet with a lot of difficulty sat in the car and waited as Zayn drove to the restaurant, I guess where we will be eating. 

  On the way there, he stopped by a flower parlor and handed me a bouquet of beautiful pink roses making them my favourites from now on. Inside the bouquet a small note read 'F.uck butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you' which sounded very cliche and cheesy yet I loved it because I imagined Zayn say it and when I imagined his voice say those words, that made my stomach flutter, and no, not with butterflies, but with the whole zoo. 

   "You are cheesy my sir." I mumbled in a fake British accent making Zayn erupt into fits of chuckles. "Do you say that you do not like my present, my girl." he answers back in an American one this time making me giggle."Oh no dear me, why would I? These flowers are gorgeous." I answered back giving a high pitched sound to my voice and accompanying that with my accent. Zayn chuckled and shook his head giving me a side glance. "Keep the note will you?"



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