Wildest Dreams | z.m, t.s

It's funny how a love affair can turn into a song

Songfic, based on the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
I do not own most of the characters in the book, they are real people.
Book is entered into the competition 'Fanfic Royale'
Cover was created by me, using the website called 'Picmonkey'

Copyright ⒸKevin_et_moi™2015


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bold: song lyrics

italics: Taylor remembering her previous love affair

normal: events happening now.


  A pale piece of paper was lying on the bar table in front of me, a small pencil, it's lead as sharp as a needle and my thoughts at the moment were scrambled all over the place. 

  I slowly move my eyes a little bit upwards and the small bottle Selena brought for me meets my view. I slowly extend my hand and pick it up. "Calming Pills." I read in a whisper the back of the small bottle and then slowly shake it up and down. The small white pills make a clicking noise inside the bottle which surprisingly calms me down so I decide to take a go at taking these. 

  By fact I know that Selena herself is slightly all over the place with her nerves and sometimes it's hard for her to control them. I guess this pills helped her go through way too much. 

  I twist the metal cover of the box and simply open it. Tipping the box upside down, a small, white, oval shaped pill falls onto my hand. I set the box down and hold the pill in between my fingers, standing up slowly and going over to the fridge to take a water bottle.

 I open the fridge with my free hand and quickly pick the first small water bottle that comes into view. I gulp a few seeps of water before throwing the small and bitter pill into my mouth. Quickly drowning down half of the bottle and setting it next to my paper I sit back down onto my place and close my eyes.

  His face, his silhouette, his deep voice which was filled with the thick British accent, everything. Everything comes flooding back into my mind. Are these some kind of flashback pills Sel gave me?

  "Are you having a blast?" Selena yells over the loud music in Justin's house. I nod making my best friend smile. That was the only reason why I nodded. In reality this party sucks. In fact, I think Justin organised it, just to show off infront of all his "friends" and I mean all of his friends. 

 The house, was filled with sweaty and drunk bodies of all the famous people the boy has ever spoken to or followed on twitter. 

 I mean, even I don't have this many people I know even if they aren't my friends. Yes, the Taylor Swift can't invite a group of a thousand people who will be able to trash her house if she ever had a house party. Which will never happen. 

 "Come dance." Selena whines as she drags onto my hand, making me groan out in pain. When I was still trying to drain out my second glass of champagne she already had a bottle or two down in her stomach. She was a party animal and sometimes I loved it about her but obviously not today.

  "No, not today, Sel. I think I saw Justin flirting with that Victoria Secret model, no idea what her name is."  I lie and set my glass onto the nearest piece of furniture I find. Whatever you tell me about lying being bad and all that c.rap, but at this moment in time, I do not really care. 

 "B.itch. I always knew she had her eyes set on him." Sel stomps her foot hard on the ground and takes my half empty glass and drains it all in one gulp. I roll my eyes at her and make my way towards the quietest area of the house - the garden. 

  As I make my way towards the back door of Justin's huge living room I bump into endless crowds of famous drunk people, grinding and twerking literally everywhere and on anyone. I found it disgusting.

  When I finally found the huge sliding door that opens up to Justin's massive garden and pushed through the last crowed of singers taking shots, my ears were filled with the noise of the booming music, yes I could hear the music which came out of the speakers Justin purchased last summer, but it was much quitter. 

   Walking on grass in high heels, is really hard, so I bent down and unbuckle the clip at my black pumps and throw them off not really caring where they will be tomorrow morning, or in five minutes. 

 I knew that somewhere here, in this massive garden there was a small fountain which was designed like a small waterfall. I loved it from the very first day that Justin showed it to me and Sel and always dreamed of having one in my own house. But since I don't have the patience and will to take care of a big house, this dream might never come true. 

 Making my way down the small path way made out of stone I finally hear the harmonising melody of water hitting water. It was perfect and I loved it that way. 

 Picking up the ends of my long black dress, I sit down near the water, my legs cris-cros my back facing the house which was covered in the shine of the million lights Justin put up.

  "I never expected to find you sitting all alone here." A deep British voice mumbles behind my back making me jump up. I turn around and my view is met by a pair of long legs. 'He's so tall' was the very first though that popped into my head at that time. As my eyes travelled up his long legs, over his loose top and up to his face which had a visible stubble the second though that popped into my head was 'and handsome as hell.'  

 I stop there and open my eyes widely. This could be a great pre chorus part. 

He's so tall and handsome as hell

 Were the few words I wrote down on the pale piece of paper. 'Think Taylor, think.' my brain nudges me. My hand hovers over the paper a little bit before I write down the next words,

He's so bad but he does it so well

 Because it was the truth. I knew at the time many Zayn Malik rumors and stories and when you see, the real Zayn Malik standing right in front of you, you understand that most of them might have been true. 

  His face held a slight smirk as he brushed his hand over his stubble. At this moment I was at a loss of words which was something that nearly never happened to me. I stood up, slowly and elegantly and cleared my throat. 

 "Why so?" I asked as I brushed a couple of leaves off the ends of my dress. I could see his eyes dart down wards towards my chest and his smirk grew wider. 

 "Because you are so Wild on stage and in Hollywood." he mumbles as he takes out a thin white cigarette and lights it up. I make a face because I hate the smell of smoke. 

  I smirk, "Try me." I whisper as I make my way towards him and bump my shoulder with his.

 When I said those words, I was just being playful, I actually didn't believe he would 'Try Me'. I was just flirting back. 

I can see the end as it begins

 I tap my finger in the stone of the bar as the next few words come out of my mouth "My last condition is..."



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