Wildest Dreams | z.m, t.s

It's funny how a love affair can turn into a song

Songfic, based on the song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
I do not own most of the characters in the book, they are real people.
Book is entered into the competition 'Fanfic Royale'
Cover was created by me, using the website called 'Picmonkey'

Copyright ⒸKevin_et_moi™2015


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   I said, maybe this is happening fast,

  Our clothes are all messed up,

  I stare at the dark wall in front of me thinking about the next possibilities of how the song can go but nothing of the many possibilities work out for me. 

   Why can't I write a song?

  Writing songs was always something easy to me. It was something that came into my mind really quickly and just stayed on a white piece of paper written messily. 

  But this song, this song was something different. Not Harry Styles nor Calvin Harris could help me go through the process of writing a few simple words down onto a piece of paper and making them sound good.

  I picked up my white IPhone and pressed the home button making the screen light up brightly into my face. The room I was sitting in was dark, it held a quite atmosphere which usually helped me work, but not today.

  Touching the four bubbles on the small screen of my phone and unlocking it I instantly went to IMessage because right now was that special moment when I needed Selena's help.

 Me: Sel nothing rhymes, I can't write a freaking song, and if I don't write a freaking song someone else will write it for me and if someone else will write it for me I won't be able to sing it.

  I sent the text and set my phone down, the screen facing upwards and lighting up the ceiling with a thin bright light. Meredith my cat meowed somewhere close to my chair making me face her.

 "I can't make it work Mer." I mumble and pat my legs, showing my cat that she has full access to sit onto my lap. And of course, because cat's are the two faced creatures they are, Meredith turns around and leaves the room, her tale high up.

  "Not helping!" I scream not-so-loudly to the cat and lean my head backwards as I take in the thin pencil into my hands.  

  Twirling it in between my long fingers I try to make a beat up in my mind, when I hear the hollow sound of wood being knocked. I sit up, quickly and press the home screen button of my phone making the screen light up and blind me. 01:30 a.m 

  I'm sure I should be dreaming. No one comes to visit people at this time of the morning. As I was about to sit back down and think, three loud knocks make their way up to my ears making me groan.

  What if I was sleeping?

 But right now, I had no choice but to go and open the door for the unknown visitor to reveal himself, or herself. 

  Making my way down the small, yet dark hallway of my apartment and switching on the lights at the wall which immediately make me rub my eyes because of the sudden brightness I finally come up to the door and take hold of the cold metallic handle.But the door doesn't nudge because I locked the door right before I went to write. 

  So unlocking the door with the small keys which hung in the keyhole and then pushing the door forward I revel a young figure of a girl standing in front of the door and looking through her back. When the door was completely open, the visitor looks up and lets out a breath.

  "Finally!" Sel screams as she throws her hands up and walks freely into my small apartment. "I thought you suicided because that took you ages to open that door!"  she mumbles as she sets her white bag onto the sofa and standing up to look at me with her hands crossed under her chests. 

  "That was quite a dramatic entrance." I mumble as I push straight stand of hair behind my ears. 

  "Thank you, it took me a while to get right." Selena winks at me before starting to pat the pockets of her jeans eagerly. 

  "What are you looking for?" I ask and make my way to the small kitchen which was connected to the living room. Sel follows me and sits in front of the small bar. "This." she mumbles as she puts a small glass box onto the bar. 

  "What's that?" I ask as I take it into my hand and start to read the back of the box. "Why would you bring me relaxing pills?" I ask cocking an eyebrow up and licking my lips.

 "Because dear, you are stressed." she mumbles putting a hand onto my shoulder. "You have some time to write the song, don't stress so much over it." 

 "You don't understand." I shake my head and walk up to the kettle. Pouring water into it and putting it to boil, I take out from the cupboard two identical cups, formed in the shape of a cat. "The song has to be written up to tomorrow." I say quite loudly this time since the kettle was making a big noise while it boiled the water inside of it.

  "So are you like teling me that you had a whole of two weeks to write it and still couldn't come up with anything?" Sel opens her arms widely, I nod.

  "Ok, so not even a simple idea popped into your head?" she asks and bites her lip straight after that. I pour the boiled water into our cups and put the cup in front of her. My cup was resting in my hand as I picked up one of the chairs standing in front of the bar and pulling it out to sit on. 

  "What are we supposed to be drinking?" Sel furrows her eyebrows and twitches her nose looking into her cup. I look into mine and roll my eyes. "I am telling you, I need a song. How am I supposed to come up with one in the next, " I stop to look at the microwave clock, 02:00 a.m. "8 hours?" 

  "Look," Sel says crossing her arms in front of me and looking all professional "I write songs only about crazy love is your go to moto right?" she asks. I nod as I take two small tea bags and put them into our cups.

  "Zayn Malik." she mumbles and smirks at me. At first I didn't understand what she meant by pronouncing the simple name.

  "What about him?" I ask sitting back in front of my friend who was always willing to help, yet in the most mysterious way ever.

 Selena rolls her eyes and takes a sip of her tea. "You know, your relationship was sort of..." she stops clicking her fingers "I don't know wild?" 

 "You know I was just a game for him right?" I ask cocking an eyebrow at my friend. She nods making me snort some tea out.

  "Sorry." she chuckles and hands me a tissue. I wipe my mouth as she continues to talk. "This song, it should have the usual hint of revenge, as well as the deja vu feeling to it. You understand me?" she asks me. I stare at her for a moment as my mind races through the many options that this could actually work.

  In the end I nod and look up at her. "Great!" Sel beams at me. She then looks at her phone and furrows her brows. 

  "Got to go. Justin wants me." I was about to ask how Justin when she jumps up and kisses me goodbye.

   I shake my head and see her close the door behind her. Walking over to my bedroom I take a stack of white papers and a pencil.

  "Let's do this." 



(Cover was created by me, all rights go to me (and to the rightful owners of the used pictures :) )


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