Little house on the Bayou.

Savannah Cross has been diagnosed with a terminal blood disease, all her options are exhausted when out of the blue her clairvoyant aunt has a vision that deep in the dark, Louisiana Bayou there is a vampire who may become Savannah's last hope. She sets out to gain her immortality, but what happens when he doesn't want to give it?

She is running out of time, and the only way she can convince him is to find out what he is hiding and use it to manipulate him to turn her. All the while dealing with the fact the Bayou is a new environment for her, it's an ancient, dark place, and Savannah becomes a threat to more than just the vampires secrets.


5. Chapter 5 ~ Procrastination



I peel one eye open, and wince at the blinding morning sun streaming through the flimsy blind. I was just about to give in and let it roll shut again, when yesterday's events came flooding back to me like a nasty hangover flashback.

I sit bolt upright in the rickety bed, and slap my hand to my forehead as though I could 'whack ' the whole memory right out of my head. How will I drag myself back to that place after yesterday, I think to myself?

I reach out to the top of the bedside table, and my hand connects with only air. To top it all off, I managed to lose my damn phone on the way back, with all the digging in my backpack. It must have fallen out when I pulled something out of the bag!

"Great, just great! My entire family, will have the F.B.I hunting for me if I can't contact them." I grumble to myself.

" Wait a contact with my well meaning family? Hmmm - I let the thought roll around for a minute? No demanding progress reports, no advice on how to demand immortality from a vampire, nothing."

I let the thought perk me enough to thump out of bed, and pad across the bare floor to the lime scale encrusted travel kettle. My need for coffee being of hangover proportions also. I unpacked my things when I got back yesterday, and found my favourite coffee stuffed into one of my bags. Said overbearing family , point in their favour.

I wait for the kettle to boil, and my stomach starts to churn dangerously. Yep, forget the coffee. I think to myself as I make a dash for the shared bathroom outside my bedroom.

A good twenty minutes later, I try and stand after being wrapped around the toilet bowl and throwing up the contents of an already empty stomach. Holding onto the sink for support I take a dubious peek in the mirror.

For someone as sick as I am, you wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I can see it. I see it in the hollows of my cheeks, where dangerously sharp cheekbones have been carved out in the weight I've lost, and the pale tint of my once tawny complexion. I avoid looking at myself longer than I have to and rinse my face in the freezing water.

Might as well just grab my clothes and get showered now. I nip back in my room to what I need, and turn to be greeted with the brief sight of a bare ankle, and the bathroom door being slammed in my face, as someone stole the amenities from under my nose.

" Damn it!" I stand at the wrong side of the door seething , and slam the palm of my hand against the peeling surface in frustration.

" Yep! I am definitely getting the hell out of here as soon as possible." I mutter to myself.


An hour and thirty minutes later, I have showered, bought a new phone, programmed in the numbers from my address book, been to an estate agents to get a list of rentals in the area, and am now on my third latte in the local coffee shop.

I waste a little time thinking up a further days worth of activities that I obviously 'need' to do, rather than go back to that god forsaken swamp, and do what I actually came here to do!


I drain the tall glass dry, and wander back out into the blinding sun light. squinting out at the little town square, I spot a unoccupied bench and head over to spread out with the apartment listings.


I shift uncomfortably on the quaint little bench , my legs sticking to the polished wood. The sun burns so hot it thrums through me like a bass beat. Sweat trickles down the backs of my legs, making my skin itch, and I use the backs of my hands to wipe it away.

I took a little longer than was necessary smoothing down my sticky skin, as everyone that passed me on that exposed bench wanted to wish me 'good morning'. There's only so many times a girl can fake a smile, and I avoided eye contact wherever possible. People here are so friendly!


Coming from a city like Chicago , this was all new to me. The little village square was buzzing with activity sure, but everyone was so laid back, and they move around like they have all the time in the world, but then again, I guess most of them do?

I see a couple of old ladies shuffling down the narrow sidewalk towards me, their chocolate skin unlined by age, but their wizened eye's giving away their years, and boring into me with interest. I pretended I hadn't seen their friendly waves, and leapt to my feet, heading in the other direction with long quick strides.


" Ok Savannah, time to get it together. So what if you almost forgot every spell you ever learned and almost got eaten by an alligator? So what you embarrassed yourself in front of lord snooty of the swamp? You have an actual count down on you're life here." I mentally chided myself.

Suddenly the magnitude of the situation hit me. I stopped walking in the blistering Louisiana heat, and leant against the nearest wall for support. If I don't succeed, I will die! How's that for motivation, I thought taking a succession of deep breaths, as I look down at the multitude of bruises and abrasions up and down my bare legs.

" Well this time, I'm sure as hell going to be prepared." I thought, and took off at a jog back to the bed sit.


I had an hour before the water taxi came to take me back into the depths of the Bayou, and I was making every minute count. I had my offensive, and defensive spells down pat. I had three different cloaking spells at the ready, as this time I was making damn sure Acheron wasn't going to see me until I was ready.

I had to find my 'in', and to do that I needed to know a bit more about him. Information he wasn't going to give up freely. My plan? Good old fashioned snooping! This time no overgrown handbag with teeth was getting in my way either.


*********** Author's note : Sorry the chapter is a little short this time. As always please consider giving it a vote if you enjoyed? Savannah is ready to go get her vampire! ***************




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