Little house on the Bayou.

Savannah Cross has been diagnosed with a terminal blood disease, all her options are exhausted when out of the blue her clairvoyant aunt has a vision that deep in the dark, Louisiana Bayou there is a vampire who may become Savannah's last hope. She sets out to gain her immortality, but what happens when he doesn't want to give it?

She is running out of time, and the only way she can convince him is to find out what he is hiding and use it to manipulate him to turn her. All the while dealing with the fact the Bayou is a new environment for her, it's an ancient, dark place, and Savannah becomes a threat to more than just the vampires secrets.


4. Chapter 4 ~~ First impressions suck!

Before I could bring my fist up to begin pummeling him, I felt his long, sharp fangs slide out from my neck.

The vampire spat out a long stream of the stolen blood, my blood, coughing and spluttering, as he did so. I watched him open mouthed, as he straightened up again, wiping his crimson stained lips with the back of his hand.

" What the hell...Your blood...It's tainted, are you trying to give me a stomach ache?" He said indignantly, using his long white fingers to scrape at his tongue.

He looked ridiculous!

My thundering heartbeat slowed considerably, as I realized he wasn't attempting to kill me another way after the whole draining of blood failure. A smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I watched him make the stupidest faces as he tried to get the taste of my blood out of his mouth.

" A vampire with a delicate digestive system Oh that's priceless." I said , a fit of giggles slowly taking over, until I was bent double, clutching at my side wheezing noisily.

He stood there. Chin raised haughtily , those otherworldly ice blue eye's boring a hole into me, his lips tightly pursed as my laughter finally subsided enough for me to notice his murderous expression, and I quickly gained my composure.

" so what if I don't fancy feeding on diseased blood." He spat , his eye's narrowing as he loomed over me.

I glared at him, and his eye's flitted back and forth locked on mine, his eyebrows mashed together in a frown, when suddenly his expression began to soften under my best death stare. At first I thought I had won him round a little, and then :

"'re dying aren't you?" He said softly. "Whatever's wrong with your blood, it's killing you?" He looked down at me pensively.

I pulled back my shoulders, and thrust out my chest, his frank words causing a twitch to begin under my right eye.

" So! what do you care? you were going to drain me of blood, and leave my dried up husk of a body laid next to this damn, dead alligator!" I stabbed my finger at the alligators scaly, carcass which had now began to attract every fly in the swamp. I swatted one away from my face violently, and shrugged my shoulders at him in a 'well?' gesture. His piercing stare, and slight pitying tilt of his head was beginning to un nerve me.

Moments passed in silence, both of us staring each other out, the only sounds the dripping of water off tree branches, and the pop of the gas bubbles from the scummy water. When he unclenched his jaw finally and began to speak, I couldn't help but notice the delicious velvety baritone in his voice, and how chiseled said jaw actually was;

" I assure you I don't care, I was simply trying to have a little sensitivity in case you didn't know you were dying!" He sniffed haughtily.

"Sensi-- Are you kidding me? You saved me from being eaten by that alligator, only to try and kill me yourself! Sensitivity indeed! Why the hell did you do that anyway?" I raged at him. I stood on my tip toes leaning into his stupid, perfect face until we were practically nose to nose, my hands clenched into fists at my sides. "Talk about giving a girl a false sense of security!"

I punctuated that last line, by jabbing my finger into his marble chest, inwardly wincing in pain as the digit connected with the solid, and I mean rock...solid, mass of him.

He blinked rapidly in surprise at my sudden outburst, his long lashes fluttering against his cheeks. His luminous, sapphire eye's narrowed to slits, and I heard a low guttural sound building in his throat. His eye's dropped to my trespassing finger, and I knew I had made a big mistake.

He stretched himself to his full towering height until I was looking up his nostrils, which incidentally were flaring in temper. I let out a strangled squeak, and tried to back peddle, once again tripping over my own feet, and landing on my ass for the fourth time that day.

" Oh shit!"

He sprang to a crouch beside me :

" I killed the alligator so I could feed off you myself, and the only reason I haven't snapped your neck like a chicken bone, is because there is no way a 5 foot something little blonde girl with electric blue stripes in her hair, no less. Will escape the swamp without being eaten by something or other....and I don't feel like getting blood on my favorite jeans!" Acheron bellowed into my face, dropping his voice at the last moment, to hiss the last bit into my ear.

My breath hitched in my throat, and my heart thudded against my rib cage, but I have to confess, he smelt amazing. His cologne was spicy and exotic, and underneath, I could smell the soap he had used that morning, and the raw scent of his salty skin, like a sea breeze. I wondered briefly if he would kill me right then if I just reached over a tiny bit, and licked his face. I was tempted...his scent and proximity made my stomach do a little flip.

I turned my head away from him my cheeks burning in shame at my extremely inappropriate thoughts. The coppery taste of old pennies filled my mouth, and I realized I had been chewing my lip so hard, I had made it bleed. I felt a drop of blood roll down my plump lower lip and smudge into my lip piercing. I lifted my topaz flecked , silver eye's to the vampire, who was now on his feet, his penetrating stare ablaze with need, as he caught sight of the ruby liquid. If he hadn't moved right then, I could have been convinced he'd turned to stone.

He growled at me. Growled. I started to get to my feet, and when I was finally standing I looked round , a suitable sarcastic quip on the tip of my tongue, only to find he was gone. Just like that. I hastily buried the empty feeling that threatened to engulf me, and fished around for my map and compass, I had to get out


Prudence Cross straightened in her chair on full alert as the wind chimes that guarded the shop door, began to tinkle wildly. She pushed away the pestle and mortar she was using to grind up dried mandrake root, and shot to her feet. She wasn't expecting a

customer? All that came to her store ,called beforehand to arrange an appointment with her, no one just walked in on the off chance? The shop was tucked well out of the way in a back alley, in a run down part of town that few businesses had survived in.

" Who is there?" She called guardedly.

Instead of an answer, soft footsteps padded toward the back room where she waited. She kept her emerald eye's fixed on the velvet curtain, her heart rate ratcheting up a notch with every beat. The curtain swept aside, a small elderly woman, with wizened green eye's and a brightly coloured shawl wrapped around her head and upper body stood in the doorway.

" mamma!"

Prudence glided over, her long skirt swishing against the flagstone floor, and swept the tiny woman into her arms.

The old lady batted her away, the deep lines etched in her face, creasing in annoyance.

"Lasă-mă copil! Get off me child!" She grumbled, breaking free of the embrace, and shuffling toward the seats at the table.

Prudence pressed a finger to her lips to suppress a smile, and pulled out a chair to seat her aging mother.

" What brings you out here mamma? It's certainly good to see you up and about, but the walk must be tiring for you, yes?"

" Don't fuss Prudence, I am walking wherever I want." She snapped, with a limp wave of her hand.

She fixed her watery jade eye's on her daughter, and tapped her walking stick on the floor .

"I am parched." She said, deadpan.

" Of course mamma, I make tea." Pru stammered, dropping her eye's unable to meet her mother's burning gaze. A embarrassed flush crept up her neck, and she busied herself to make the tea. Her mother always had a way of making her feel like a little girl, instead of god ,damn grown woman.

"What brings you out here mamma?" Pru enquired trepidatiously.

" I not see Savannah , I have no call on the phone I one tells me anything! I old woman, Savannah is sick, I no sleep!" She answered in her broken English, gesturing with her hands wildly.

Pru pursed her lips, and her stomach rolled. This was not going to go well. She stayed silent as she finished setting the tea at the table. Words racing through her mind, as she tried to find the way to tell her mother where Savannah was. She slipped into her chair, and clasped her mother's bony hands .

" Never mind that for moment, tell me how you fair while you drink your tea? Then we discuss Savannah...yes?" She said softly.

The old woman looked at her for a moment, and nodded.

As they talked, Annona gripped the tea cup in her arthritic fingers and swirled the tea leaves expertly. Pru's eye's flitted over her mother's rotating cup, and a prickle of unease, and foreboding crept up her spine. Annona had ducked out of the conversation, focused only on the emerging symbols in the bottom of her china tea cup. As

Pru chattered nervously, Annonah raised the cup to peer inside, her eye's crinkling the parchment - like skin at the corners.

She slammed the cup down, and the saucer clattered against the table.

" I knew it! I knew something was wrong. " The old woman yelled at Pru, glaring at her , eye's wide and accusing. She slammed her hands down on the table :

" Where is Savannah? What have you done chavi? The tea leaves, they tell me....three symbols. Three. The number of magic. They say Savannah.... a cobra. A coffin. A cross. A warning she is in grave danger, and the coffin, the cross.....they say delay, and death." She whispered the last word gravely, pointing a gnarled finger across the table at Pru.

Pru held up a palm to her stricken mother.

" Savannah has gone to the swamp , in Louisiana mama. The fates gave me a vision. A vision of a vampire living there. Savannah has gone to find this vampire. Find him and gain immortality, before it is too late, and the disease claims her life." She paused, as the information sunk in with Anonnah, her eye's warily studying her mother's reaction.

Annonah's wrinkled brown complexion slowly turned white, as she held her daughter's gaze. Her eye's pooling with tears that began to slide down her sunken cheeks. She began to tremble, her small body quivering . Pru reached across the table again, and grabbed at her mothers shaking hands.

" You have to see mamma, there is no other way...." She began softly.

" No! You do not understand daughter. You have sent Savannah to die a horrendous death." Annona interrupted.

" What? I don't.." Pru replied.

" The swamp...there is great evil in the swamp, Savannah will not come from that place alive. Immortal or not! Oh god , child you do not know what you have done."

Annona put her head in her hands , and wept.


Authors note: Oh dear, what will Savannah do now? How will she make friends with Acheron? Do you like him? Let me know what you think of our vampire in the comments. Also what is Savannah's grandmother so worked up about , any ideas?

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