Little house on the Bayou.

Savannah Cross has been diagnosed with a terminal blood disease, all her options are exhausted when out of the blue her clairvoyant aunt has a vision that deep in the dark, Louisiana Bayou there is a vampire who may become Savannah's last hope. She sets out to gain her immortality, but what happens when he doesn't want to give it?

She is running out of time, and the only way she can convince him is to find out what he is hiding and use it to manipulate him to turn her. All the while dealing with the fact the Bayou is a new environment for her, it's an ancient, dark place, and Savannah becomes a threat to more than just the vampires secrets.


3. Chapter 3 ~ Thanks, no thanks!

I slogged through the mud not knowing what was worse. The tension in my neck from listening to every drip - and twig snap, or the foul air that clung to every inch of my skin, and filled my mouth with the taste of death. Ok so maybe that was a little dramatic, the death part, but this is not the kind of place you should go for a stroll, I thought , while unsticking my foot from a bog with a squelch.

A beat passed, and I realized

I must be near the vampire's house by now. Better not get too close this time, just work out my route for when I come back, and I've finally worked out what to say.

" Hey Mr. Big mean vampire, you don't know me, and normally you would feed on and kill me, but....don't. Turn me instead."

Yep! I said aloud, popping the 'P'. That will be awesome! I think while ambling along, when...


Another twig?

That was loud this time, really loud. Like something really heavy stood on it. I tried to resist the sensation of checking behind me to see where the sound came from, but I could feel something, a an invisible force pushing at my back, this wasn't normal paranoia, this was my magic heritage warning me...I whipped around and as I was turning , the ominous sounds of reeds rustling, and the slop of mud being trampled through fast, confirmed my suspicions that something was stalking me. When my frantic , searching gaze fell upon the open jaws of a Immense alligator.

The predatory animal closed the last few meters between us with breakneck speed, and I was close enough to smell the pieces of rotting meat trapped in it's pus coloured teeth. My first reaction was a mistake, adrenaline coursing through my veins, I leapt over those snapping jaws using my walking stick as though it were a pole vault. The alligator's powerful tail swept around , and thumped into the soft skin of the backs of my knees, swiping me headlong to the nearest clump of reeds. A tangled heap of limbs, panic beat through me like a bass vibration. I scrambled to right myself, my vision now completely obscured by the thick vegetation I had been thrown into. The alligator hissed, and the undergrowth rustled as it swished through it toward me. Fighting against the stiff unyielding reeds, I pulled myself to my feet, frantically searching for the prehistoric beast's whereabouts. To my dismay, the piece of swampland it had thrown me into was to thick , and too high to see anything hiding amongst it, and I had only the subtle whispering sounds of displaced forage, as it hunted me to rely on. I moved backward away from the sounds, my mind whirring desperately trying to remember a spell, any spell! The swish of it's almighty tail grew louder, closer, faster and I tried to move backwards at greater speed, when I tripped over my own feet....landing hard on my ass.

Amber slitted eye's emerged from the brush, then it's mottled body, my gaze locked on to it's bone crushing jaws. Bile rose in my throat, I scuttled backwards, and it sashayed toward me, seemingly relishing the final moments of the hunt. In those few moments, I gained absolute clarity, as I knew if I didn't focus I was going to die. The knock back spell tumbled from my lips, and with a flick of my fingers at the looming alligator, it flipped and rolled away from me, relief washed over me, as it bought me enough time to scurry to my feet. Without another glance, I turned and ran...hard.

I had counted to five, when I heard the angry hiss of a very pissed crocodilian! The foliage crackled, and snapped as the animal glided through it after me. My heart jack hammered in my chest, drowning out the sounds of it's proximity. I couldn't hear the alligator behind me, but I felt it and I knew I didn't have much time. In front of me a gnarled tree loomed into view, It's trunk blackened, and slime coated. I leapt...

My foot landed on the craggy bark and wrapping my arms around the putrid smelling trunk I heaved myself upward.


I felt it's terrifying power, and weight as it caught my backpack in it's massive jaws, and began to yank me off the tree. I didn't stand a chance at holding on or getting away, and I fell to the ground below in a blur of mud, and scales. My brain was numb, and no spells came to me this time, no matter how ingrained into my psyche I had believed them to be. I curled my knees to my chest and waited for death.

A soft thud near my head, and then silence...

Deadly silence. Broken only by the screech of animals hunting and being hunted, throughout the swamp.


My eye's were scrunched closed still, waiting for the agony of being ripped to shreds by the hungry alligator. I pried one eye open cautiously, then the other, until both silver eye's were open wide and almost bulging from their sockets. My mouth gaped wordlessly, as I scanned upward from a scuffed pair of boots, to black skin tight jeans, to a clearly sculpted abdomen, glimpse of a marble chest under a soft grey V neck T- shirt, exposed powerful looking arms , up to the astonishingly beautiful chiselled face of the very vampire I was stalking, and also avoiding. I tried to speak, but locking onto his flinty blue eye's framed perfectly with soft obsidian locks of floppy hair, all that came out was a squeaky....'stk'.

His expression was stone cold un amused, and I noticed his eye's flick to my right before flitting back to drill into me angrily. I turned my head slightly to see what he had been furtively glancing at, and came nose to snout with a very dead, dried empty husk, of the alligator that had been about to eat me! Now completely drained of it's blood life force.

I screamed like the girl I am, and leapt to my feet, skidding wildly in the slippery mud like bambi on ice. Throughout my hysterics he stood like a statue, unmoving, unblinking, and still radiating extreme hostility. I managed to pull myself together, and held a trembling hand out toward the vampire.

" saved my life! I'm Savannah." I stuttered. He glanced at my outstretched hand as though it were covered in dog shit. His upper lip curled upward in a slight snarl, exposing a white, deadly sharp looking Fang. He raised his eye's back to mine, and I realized he wasn't about to shake my outstretched hand anytime soon. I swung it behind my back trying to be nonchalant about it when he spoke, his voice was like milk chocolate melting on your tongue, and causing a tingle to form deep in my belly.

" I am Acheron, and you do not belong in the swamp little girl."

I opened my mouth to reply , when he struck like a viper, sinking those razor sharp fangs into the soft skin of my neck.





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