Little house on the Bayou.

Savannah Cross has been diagnosed with a terminal blood disease, all her options are exhausted when out of the blue her clairvoyant aunt has a vision that deep in the dark, Louisiana Bayou there is a vampire who may become Savannah's last hope. She sets out to gain her immortality, but what happens when he doesn't want to give it?

She is running out of time, and the only way she can convince him is to find out what he is hiding and use it to manipulate him to turn her. All the while dealing with the fact the Bayou is a new environment for her, it's an ancient, dark place, and Savannah becomes a threat to more than just the vampires secrets.


2. Chapter 2 ~ Welcome to the swamp

I thumped my head down on the table, and groaned. You have to be kidding me?

" Beebee....does it have to be that vampire? There must be other vampires?" I moaned into the silky velvet table cloth.

" The fates chose that vampire my love, it has to be this one yes?  " Aunt Pru answered as she busied herself collecting the smaller crystals from the vision to scry for the vampires whereabouts .

" That one , has a hellhound as a puppy dog aunty! He doesn't strike me as approachable, you know?" I locked onto her luminous gaze, and practically swallowed my bottom lip, as I sucked it in to chew nervously.

Aunt Pru went very still, like a cobra sizing up it's prey, and anticipating it's every possible move, before it strikes. She slid into the chair opposite, without breaking my gaze once. I watched her throat constrict as she swallowed, and finally she looked down and began tying the crystal in preparation. When she spoke her voice was loaded with sadness :

" Nothing is ever easy Savannah , we know this....but, also nothing is free in this life. You must pay a price for you're immortality, maybe earn as a reward from above yes" She reached out, and clasped her ringed hand over mine, all her teeth bared in what was meant to be a reassuring smile. So why did I feel like Alice in wonderland, gazing at that Cheshire cat?

What the hell was she talking about anyway, what did any of that mean? I cocked my head to study her, and noted the corners of her mouth turned up in a satisfied little smile, as she began to scry, swinging the sparkling crystal over an aging map. The conversation was over apparently. She had given her answer, and I knew from experience that pressing her further would only get the same response.

A vampire? I was going to meet a real vampire? My long awaited cure, was to become a vampire....I didn't know how I feel about that?

" But I'm not sure I want to live off blood for the rest of eternity!" I yelled, throwing my hands in the air. My aunt twitched, as I startled her with the yelling. I felt her emerald eye's fall on me, as I shuddered, feeling all the colour drain from my face. My overactive imagination ( which I am so grateful for at moments like these) filled my senses, and I thought about the viscous, metallic liquid filling my mouth, the copper, salt smell of it cloying in my nostrils. I gagged....the last potion I scarfed down filling my mouth, and puffing out my cheeks.

My aunt glared at me from across the table :

" Swallow it Chavi!  it can't do you any good if you're going to bring it back up!" She barked; waving her finger in the air. I swallowed the potion/ass soup/vomit mix back down obediently.

The crystal thumped down on the hard wood of the table. She had found him. The next ten minutes were a blur to me, as she whirled around the room, making calls , and throwing things she thinks I will need to take with me into a large rucksack, My knuckles were white, as I scrunched the soft velvet table cloth in my fist.

" I'm leaving today aren't I ?" I squeaked.

" Yes Savannah, I am making arrangements for your accommodation until we can find you a apartment near the vampir. There is no time to lose. The spells, and potions have undoubtedly given you time, and slowed the progression of the disease. Prolonged you're mortality far more than any mortal would have, but time is of the essence. You still have to convince the vampir to turn you."

" And how exactly do I do that?" I whispered.


The bedsit door clunked shut behind me, and I surveyed my new temporary accommodation.'s functional I suppose? I tell myself as I look over the sparse single bed, bedside table with a lamp, And lumpy overstuffed armchair under the window. The floorboards are bare, and stretch out to the other side of the room. That houses a tiny fridge, sink, and ancient cooker. There is a small drop leaf table, with chunks of it's veneer chipped off, and two wooden stools, separating 'the kitchen and 'bedroom' sections. The bathroom is a shared one for the whole floor. This means I may have to interact with people, I groan softly to myself.

Well if I end up having to be here for a while, then aunt Pru is already searching for a rental apartment, so hopefully this place really will be temporary. I'm a ghostwriter, so as long as I have my laptop, I have work, which means I can pay my rent. I heft my bag forward, and set it down with a 'thump'. I huffed my white blonde hair from my eye's and unzipped the luggage. Seeing the protection talismans, and protection candles, stuffed in the top of my bag made me smile. I suddenly felt very far from home, and completely out of my depth.

I took out the various objects, and hung the talismans over various corners of the room, saving the most powerful to hang over the door, and window. I gathered the candles, and placed them on the small bedside table. Fumbling around in my swamp supplies backpack, I dug out a lighter, and lit them. Standing back to admire my efforts, I chanted a quick protection spell over the room, and dusted off my hands as an overly dramatic gesture.

That done, I felt a little lost again. It was still early, as I traveled overnight and I was far too keyed up to get any sleep. Besides, the heat! No one here could possibly sleep in the day, getting into bed you would be like a boil in the bag meal! From what aunt Pru told me, vampires don't have to sleep night or day. They also don't burn up in sunlight, they choose not to go out in daylight only because their pale, luminous skin, and otherworldly appearance, is too noticeable in bright daylight. However, this guy lives in swampland, miles from anywhere, so who knows wether he gives a crap about being out in daylight or not?

I decide to scope things out, and unpack later. Everything I need to traipse through the Bayou, is in my backpack already, including a compass, detailed maps marked out by aunt Pru, and maps on my smartphone. I've familiarized myself with the paper maps too, as of course I highly doubt I'll get signal out there? Aunt Pru also arranged a guy to take me in and out of the swamp, so all I have to do is call, and go down there. I figure I'll get dropped off about a 20 minute walk from the vampire's house, plenty of scope to snoop around. I don't want him to know I'm coming just yet, not until I've figured out what to say, and do, but how do you sneak up on a vampire?


I waved forlornly at the retreating boat, spluttering away and swallowed the overwhelming urge to A] cry like a baby, or B] yell at the top of my lungs to get him to come back for me. Two hours...two hours, until he was coming back to pick me up! I won't survive two hours in this godforsaken place, what the hell had I been thinking? I realized that I had been standing extremely still, with my eye's scrunched closed, and with my jaw firmly clenched still, I pried open one eye, and then the other. Hell no, I wasn't in Kansas anymore! The air was muggy, and thick with the stench of decay, I was surrounded by dripping tree's with black trunks, muddy banks, and slime covered rocks. There were noises from all around....dripping water, frogs croaking, flies buzzing, but at the same time there was an unnerving silence.

I took a deep breath, unstuck my T- shirt from where it had molded with sweat to the V between my shoulder blades, and checked my map to be extra sure I knew where I was going, and started my trek. Before each step I probed the water with my yew walking stick, the murky water kept everything from view, both dangerous and benign. A sudden burst of air bubbles in the scummy water, made me leap a foot into the air, and swerve the waterline to avoid whatever creature's rancid breath caused them. Great I thought, if the swamp doesn't kill me, then a heart attack will!


Red eye's shifted in the dark hollows beneath a line of fallen, rotten tree trunks, as it followed it's prey. It had chosen an alligator, only because it would enjoy the fight before watching the life drain from those slitted yellow eye's, and the warm rush of blood, as it's claws tore open the alligators soft belly. The creature tensed, as it watched the alligator slide out of the water, it' beady gaze fixed on something. The animal slipped into the reeds, picking up it's pace as the creature hissed in frustration at not being able to see what the alligator was stalking. It raised itself up from the curling mist enough to get a clearer view, it's red eye's narrowing when it caught sight of a girl. It froze in surprise briefly, then it pulled back it's lips in a grin revealing rows of saliva coated, needle sharp teeth. There was a girl in the swamp, it let out a dry, raspy chuckle. It wondered if the vampire had sensed her there yet? It pulled itself back into the mist and slunk away.



****** Author's note : The alligator is stalking Savannah, but what's stalking the alligator? Any ideas? ************

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