The best years

Highschool omg !!


2. Cant wait


So today is the 2 day of school, Its the first official day of school, like work and shit:/ . Ew kill me now  thinking to myself as i am putting on my uniform shirt. My bus comes at 7:15 and its right infront of my house so i dont have to go outside right now im gonna eat some breakfast and watch some anime DRAGON BALL Z !!



i go outside to wait for my bus and i see my friend sierra as im walking to the stop. We get on the bus and sit in the front as usual because all grade 9s have to sit in the front then the older kids in the back.. Ugh dumb society we have today.

Today is the first day with the grades 10,11,12, yesterday was just us 9iners. 



We get to school walking in nervously. But its like they dont even pay attention to you so its not that bad. "Just ignore everyone and dont start stuff with the older kids and you will be fine", my teacher Ms. good said to us. 

8;10 - 9:30

I head to my first period class witch is science MY FAV CLASS EVERRR!!!. I see cristian standing there and i cant help but to smile. Iv wanted to get his Instagram and Snapchat for awhile now, So i turn around to his friend alex and say hey do you have snapchat and he says " Yea" and i say " add me " and he takes my phone and adds himself. Cristian turns to alex and says " Give me the phone when your done" and i stop breathing for a quick second. He says to me can i add my snapchat and i say " no " and he says " cmon please!!!" so i smile and say "fine". YES I FINALLY GOT HIM ON SNAPCHAT WOOHOOOO YEAAAAA i think to myself lol XD. I follow him on instagram after that and hes a family boy not like one of those fuckbois that post selfies topless and shit and tag 74902103 girls. All he has is pics of his family!. Hes the one.

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