The best years

Highschool omg !!



6:00 AM

So today is my first day of school

And im kind of nervous but kind of exited

I wanna meet new friends.

But i also dont want to have bad relationships i wanna have good friends.

All those thoughts are running through my mind while im getting ready.

7:00 am 

So i put on my uniform ( ugh) and head out the door to my bus stop 

I see all my friends so that makes me feel kind of better


I get to school where there is a huge line of grade 9's standing outside the school and i kind of start getting nervous again. We are guided to go inside the theater for a welcoming presentation.



" Hello Grade 9's  welcome to high school the principle said ". We all responded " Hi " in our morning voices. I wisper to my new  friend Ashley " I miss summer and waking up at 11 AM " She responds " I know right!!!" 



The presentation starts , i look in front of me and see the most amazing guy i have ever seen in my life , with his beautiful sparkling eyes. He keeps smiling at me. So i turn to ask my friend who he is and she says his name is Josh. I kind of died inside because my ex's name was josh. So i was distracted the whole entire mass staring at him.



We are given are schedules and told to go to are first period class. I meet a boy named cristian and he just makes me smile 24-7. But josh is still on my mind even though josh is not that type of guy to like girls. Hes more focused on school. Anyways Christian is so cute hes amazing and so funny and sweet and i try playing hard to get and he just hates it when i say as a joke " Your ugly " he gets so sad and its cute. Maybe hes the one??




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