This is a dark ride (pll fanfic)

After finding out who A was the liars spent the summer in Rosewood and in the end of the summer the five Liars packed their cars up to go their separate ways. The girls all hugged each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard.

Emily is going to Malibu, Hanna is going with Caleb to New York, Aria is going to Savannah, Alison stays in Rosewood and Spencer is going to Georgetown

Ten years later the liars get a call from Rosewood Police Office who tells them that Alison has been murdered. They all arrive at the funeral and when it’s over they all get a message from an anonymous person, but this time it’s not CeCe it’s someone else.


3. The past ten years

Aria had the hardest life after A. She graduated from college after four years and after that she just didn't know what to do with her life so she started working on a bar and taking drugs. She didn't have a support system where she lived because everyone she knew lived far away. She tried to go to therapy but she was embarrassed and did not want to tell anyone about her past. She lived her life that way for a year and one day she decided to get her life back on track and backpacked through USA, all the way to Los Angeles where she ended up living in the slum. Aria knew that Spencer had just moved to Los Angeles. Spencer helped Aria out of her dark hole and six years after her graduation Aria moved in with Spencer and Toby in their new house where she lived in their guest room. Aria earned money by writing novels and photography. After she had lived with Toby and Spencer for a year she moved in with her boyfriend Liam who she had met over a year ago and two years later they got married. 

Spencer went to college in Georgetown. She lived in town by herself because Toby still lived and worked in Rosewood and for that reason they had an on/off relationship for five years. As Spencer graduated after college they moved to Los Angeles together, where they lived in a small apartment as a couple. As Spencer got her first job as a lawyer they earned more money and they had enough to buy a house in Los Angeles and Aria moved in with them. A year after Aria had moved away Toby proposed to Spencer and they got married shortly after.

Hanna moved with Caleb to New York. Hanna graduated from college after four years and after that Caleb proposed to Hanna and it was a huge wedding. Hanna had studied to be a designer but everyone recognized her from the news and everyone bought her clothes just because they felt bad for her. Hanna didn't like that so she stopped designing. She and Caleb moved to Santa Monica where Hanna opened her own store instead, where she sold clothes and jewelry.

Mona got into Yale University. She and Mike had a break for a year, because Mike was still in high school. Mike came in to Yale University after high school and his study took a year less than Monas study and in that way they got back together as a couple and after graduation they moved to Los Angeles together. Mona got a job at California Intelligence Agency and Mike became a teacher just like his parents. 

Emily went to college in Malibu. As she graduated after four years she realized that she didn't just want to sit in an office somewhere and sit behind the computer. So Instead she decided to take  dancing classes for a half year and she applied to California Institute of the arts. After three years of studying there she got a job as a dance teacher while she once in a while performed at a musical. Emily also lived in Los angeles and had have a couple of girlfriends  but it never got serious.

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