This is a dark ride (pll fanfic)

After finding out who A was the liars spent the summer in Rosewood and in the end of the summer the five Liars packed their cars up to go their separate ways. The girls all hugged each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard.

Emily is going to Malibu, Hanna is going with Caleb to New York, Aria is going to Savannah, Alison stays in Rosewood and Spencer is going to Georgetown

Ten years later the liars get a call from Rosewood Police Office who tells them that Alison has been murdered. They all arrive at the funeral and when it’s over they all get a message from an anonymous person, but this time it’s not CeCe it’s someone else.


6. Please, be careful

"Please be careful" Toby said and kissed Spencer on her forehead as Spencer was about to leave the house

"I'll be careful, I promise" Spencer said and kissed him and left the house and went to get the girls in her car.

"How was it to be home?" Spencer asked Hanna who had spend the night at home with Caleb so she could get some of her stuff with her and she told Caleb that she went to visit her mom.

"Awful we just ignored each other basically" Hanna answered and sighed.

Afterwards they went to get Aria, Mona and Emily who sat on the backseat. 

"Maybe this was a bad idea" Aria said as she closed the door and tightened her seatbelt.

"why?" Spencer asked and started driving towards the airport.

"Because Liam explained why he thought it was a bad idea and I totally agree with him" 

"Did he get mad then?" Spencer asked

"No I don't think so he just want to protect me .. but guys what do we do if Charlotte isn't the one sending those texts?" Aria said

"we should figure out who it is then, on our own" Mona answered quickly.

"Seriously? I think we should take the texts to the police so we can get this over with" Emily said

"Yeah because the cops are so great of figuring it out" Aria said and rolled her eyes

"We don't live in crazy  Rosewood anymore" Emily answered with a higher voice

"A can delete the texts and he might send us back to jail or even worse he will send us back to his demented dollhouse" Aria shouted

"This is different Aria, we are not in high school anymore and the police know that we've been tormented by a crazy person through almost entire high school!" Emily shouted back

"Emily, A has like supernatural power he can do anything!" Aria shouted back and the car stopped

"Why are you stopping the car?" Emily asked 

"Because if we want to get answers from Charlotte we need to stay focused and not bite each others heads off" Spencer said 

"And you're giving me a serious headache " Hanna interrupted

"Fine but if Charlotte isn't..." Aria said

"Stop it! We haven't even talked to her yet. I really think we should talk about what we want to say to her instead" Spencer said

"I don't need to talk to her can I just punch her in the face?" Emily said.

"I think we all want to punch her in the face but Spencer is right we need to stay focused because if we bring emotions with us it's easier for her to manipulate with us" Mona said

"Fine I'll try to handle my anger towards her but I just hope that we really get some answers because if we don't we have wasted two whole days!" Aria said

"Maybe they will be wasted but we need to figure this out.. Em, can you please try to control your anger too?"

"I'll try my best but I can't promise. But if I get a chance I will punch her" Emily answered


As Emily and Aria stopped screaming at each other, the girls talked about the messages they had gotten and as they came to  the airport they parked the car and took their luggage and got on the airplane.



On the airplane Mona and Hanna sat together near an emergency door. On the other side of the passage Spencer, Aria and Emily sat. 

"So do you really want a baby?" Aria asked Spencer and smiled.

"Yes, I think so. But when are you and Liam going to get a baby?" Spencer asked and smiled

"I don't know my doctor told me that I might never be able to get a child because of my drug abuse." Aria said

"So are you trying or what do you do?" Spencer asked

"No Liam have been very kind about that and we actually agreed on adopting because even if i get pregnant there is a huge risk of miscarraige so we decided on adoption" Aria said and smiled

"You're all so lucky to have someone you can trust" Emily said

"You'll find someone Em" Aria said and smiled to her

Emily smiled back and looked out of the window 

"I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back in a minute" Spencer said and went

"I'm sorry Aria" Emilly said

"I'ts okay Emily it doesn't matter " Aria said in a consolingly way

"Of course it matters! Because I don't want to screw our friendship up"

"You haven't screwed it up I'm still here and I still love you as my friend and I always will"

"Are you sure? Because to me it seems like I screw everything up that I touch, and if not they screw up things for me or they end up dying" Emily said and started sobbing

"Hey. Em don't cry It's going to be okay. None of us are going to die or abandom you, I promise" Aria said and hugged Emily who couldn't stop crying

"I know you miss Ali, I know, but don't let it bring you down because nothing can ever bring her back... and I know that it's really hard to let go but in some way you have to let go and move on" Aria said and some tears streamed down her face too.

All of the girls were terrified to visit Charlotte but they also wanted know why Alison was killed and who send them the new texts.

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