This is a dark ride (pll fanfic)

After finding out who A was the liars spent the summer in Rosewood and in the end of the summer the five Liars packed their cars up to go their separate ways. The girls all hugged each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard.

Emily is going to Malibu, Hanna is going with Caleb to New York, Aria is going to Savannah, Alison stays in Rosewood and Spencer is going to Georgetown

Ten years later the liars get a call from Rosewood Police Office who tells them that Alison has been murdered. They all arrive at the funeral and when it’s over they all get a message from an anonymous person, but this time it’s not CeCe it’s someone else.


5. Let's have a talk

At the evening the five girls met at Spencer's house to talk about the new A. 

Hanna was the first one to arrive and she had brought Chinese food with her for them all to eat. Spencer welcomed her in to the house and hugged her and  Hanna placed the food on the kitchen table.

"Hanna I think that you might need to tell the girls about your pregnancy" Spencer said

"Why?" Hanna asked 

"Because if A is still out there he might tell before you do" 

"But everything is so complicated with Caleb"

"I know but I really think you have to, Han"

"I know that I have to but.. I just thought we were over with A" Hanna said and got a sad look on his face

"I know" Spencer said in a consolingly way and hugged Hanna again.

The other girls came a few minutes later as Hanna and Spencer had set the table and so they all sat down and started eating. 

"So what is the special occasion for this dinner?" Mona asked as she took some noodles and put it on her plate. 

"We need to talk about the text we got at Ali's funeral" Spencer started 

"We don't want to scare you but Spencer and I both got a text from A last night" Hanna added

"I thought I was the only one." Mona said in a surprised voice because she really thought that A only was coming back to get her. 

"I cried myself to bed because of that text" Emily said and began eating her noodles. 

"Aria, did you get one?" Spencer asked Aria, who sat playing with her noodles with a fork on the plate and looked like she could cry any minute because she was so terrified.

"Yes.. but I just don't understand how and why Charlotte would do this to us again. She ended the game so I hoped that it really was the end" Aria snuffled and a tear streamed down her face.

"I think we all hoped that is was over.. but Hanna and I talked about that it might be a good idea to visit Charlotte because maybe someone stole the game from her because why would she kill Ali who she loved so much?" Spencer said 

"I like the way you are thinking." Mona said and smiled

"For what purpose?" Emily asked because she really did not like the idea.

"To ask her and I know she can just lie to us but try to look at it from her view. Why would she kill her favorite doll? I think this new A killed Alison for some reason. Charlotte might give us more real answers now that her favorite doll is dead because she's hurt" Spencer answered

"When are you planning on doing it?" Mona asked

"We haven't really discussed that" Hanna answered

"We could take a day off tomorrow" Mona said and took a another spoonful of her noodles

"I cant take the store with me? Hanna said 

"I know but you have employees to take care of it" Mona said and Hanna shaked her head and took a big spoonful of noodles. 

"I have classes to teach tomorrow?" Emily said

"Say your shoulder hurts and you need to rest it for your musical next week"

"I can't lie" Emily said 

"Of course you can" Mona said, smiling

"I'm actually willing to take a day off so we can get this over with" Aria said 

"Me too" Spencer said


"Fine, but what about plane tickets?" Emily asked

"We could check if there is some tickets available" Mona said 

"Don't we have to take like two days off?" so where do we sleep?" Hanna asked

"We'll make it a girls trip. I know that my mom isn't in Rosewood this week and next week because she's out of the country, we could sleep there" Mona answered

"Sounds like a good plan, but I got something to tell you guys.. I'm pregnant" Hanna said and explained that Caleb didn't want the child but she wanted to keep it anyway. 

The girls were surprised to hear it because they never thought Caleb would bail on a baby and especially not a baby with Hanna. They tried comforting her as much as they could. Later on they booked flight tickets and for that reason they took the next day and the day after that off from work. 

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