This is a dark ride (pll fanfic)

After finding out who A was the liars spent the summer in Rosewood and in the end of the summer the five Liars packed their cars up to go their separate ways. The girls all hugged each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard.

Emily is going to Malibu, Hanna is going with Caleb to New York, Aria is going to Savannah, Alison stays in Rosewood and Spencer is going to Georgetown

Ten years later the liars get a call from Rosewood Police Office who tells them that Alison has been murdered. They all arrive at the funeral and when it’s over they all get a message from an anonymous person, but this time it’s not CeCe it’s someone else.


10. Bad things will happen


All of the girls were terrified now that A was back but at least they try to move forward. The day after thanksgiving Aria had to take care of Hannas shop while she was at her doctor appointment. 

Arias pov

"I'm ready to go, and please be careful and if anything happens please call me because I don't want anything bad to happen" Hanna said because she really was nervous that anything bad was going to happen. "I can take care of the shop Han, and myself don't worry" I grinned 

"I know you can, I'm just scared what if A -?"
"Don't go there Han, just go to your doctor appointment and tell Caleb I said hi." I interrupted. "I just feel" she sighed and stopped her sentence. "Han, stop you are too emotional" I interrupted again and hugged her goodbye. 

Of course I was scared to be alone in her shop but I didn't want to make her more nervous than she already was. I went over to the front door and hang up the "open" sign and I just walked slowly around in the store and looked at all of the clothes, shoes and jewelry. This store has so many nice things and I would actually kill for some of the earrings,  especially the fork-shaped earrings, which looked a lot like a pair of earrings I had once but they disappeared somehow.

Suddenly I got a text saying: "I'm giving you something from your past, your welcome – A". I got shocked and gasped for air because it felt like I couldn't breathe and it was almost like it blackened in front of my eyes so I went to take my bag in the back of the store to get my phone and call for help. 

As I took the phone I heard the door open and the person who stepped in said "Hi, is the store open or not?" The voice sounded familiar to me but I was really scared and my PTSD did not make this situation any better. "Yeah, it's open.. I'll be out in a second" I answered nervously.

"Aria" The guy said which sounded a lot like Ezra and I went back in to the store and there stood Ezra
"Ezra what, how did you know I would be here, how did you know? Why are you here??" I asked confused.

"I didn't know you worked here, I just heard that Hanna worked here so I wanted to come see her store and how things were going. But since she is not here how are you?" he asked. "great actually. Really great, what about you?" I said and smiled a bit  but it was really a lie because with A back in my life I can not see a happy ending coming soon. 

"I proposed to my girlfriend Kayla and she said no so I'm kind of sad and since we lived in her apartment I had to move out and that's why I just moved here" He explained. "I'm sorry to hear that" I said in a consolingly way. 

"Yeah.. Its just that I really miss you, I really do" He said in a low voice. 
"What?" I asked confused because what the hell was that supposed to mean?

"I know it sound stupid, I do" 
"Ezra we haven't talked for ten years. Where is this coming from?"
"I don't know It's just that you are the love of my life, well Kayla was the love of my life but she left and now its you"
"I'm married, very happy married, Ezra. We're trying to make a family"

"but I just want you to be with me, does that sound stupid?"
"Ezra you need to move on, okay I moved on and so did you and yes it sound really stupid" I answered angrily

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said this.. I'm gonna go now"

"Ezra you left me remember? You told me to go out and live my life without you, you were the one who broke up because you said that I needed space, I missed you , I really did! -  Ezra you ended it and now you want me back after ten years? You are a little too late Ezra, I'm sorry but just leave me alone, ok, please?"

"Fine.. I'll leave the store" He left and I just stared out on the street and thought about how Ezra could have known that I would be here? But more important, why did A want me to meet him, because I didn't want him back? Those kind of thoughts ran around in my head. But not for long because a few minutes later costumers came and I started working. As the last costumer left all of my thoughts came back in to my head and tried very hard to think of something else but suddenly a stone crushed the window and I screamed and jumped back a few steps while I covered my head with my hands. There was glass all over the store because it was a very big window. There was something on the stone, it was a note which was glued to the stone and the notes said: "Why don't you take what I give you? – A"

Paranoia came to my head and I was freaking out so I grabbed my phone and called the police to report the vandalism. Afterwards I wanted to talk with someone, at first I called Liam but he didn't answer so I called Spencer and she picked up.

"Hi, Aria what's up?" She asked in a happy voice

"I'm taking care of Hannas store as you know and Ezra came and then the store got vandalized by A" I said and started sobbing slowly.

"I'm so sorry to hear that, I'll come to the store and help you" she said in a consolingly way
"Thanks" I said and as I waited I tried to stop sobbing and I finally stopped sobbing as Spencer came in to the store. She ran over to me and hugged me and I started sobbing again. 

"Have you called the police yet?" She asked and I nodded

"Do you want to talk about it?"
"I just want it to be over with" I said and stopped sobbing. 
"I know"
"Can you please tell something distracting?"

" I haven't told my parents about my pregnancy"
"Spence you have to"
"I know but my family is so twisted and I don't want that for my baby". 

"Spence you really have to"

"I know, I'll tell it soon but I can't do it now or tomorrow because it's Melissa's wedding tomorrow and if I tell them Melissa is going to be so mad at me for stealing her thunder"

"Okay but just promise me that you tell them before the baby comes out" I grinned and she smirked. I wanted to tell her what had happened and I tried to find the words to use "A wants me to be with Ezra I think" I started and told her the whole story of what had happened afterwards  and then the police came and questioned about what had happened and as they left I called Hanna to tell her that I would close the store because of what had happened and she didn't take the news well. Spencer left the store as I finished talking with Hanna  and I closed the shop with the shutters.


I walked towards my car and I opened the door and all of sudden someone hit me on the head and I fell down on the ground and the next thing I see is my car driving away but I didn't see who drove it but it was probably A but I was too weak to get up on my feet and I got more and more tired and at the end I passed out. 


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