This is a dark ride (pll fanfic)

After finding out who A was the liars spent the summer in Rosewood and in the end of the summer the five Liars packed their cars up to go their separate ways. The girls all hugged each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard.

Emily is going to Malibu, Hanna is going with Caleb to New York, Aria is going to Savannah, Alison stays in Rosewood and Spencer is going to Georgetown

Ten years later the liars get a call from Rosewood Police Office who tells them that Alison has been murdered. They all arrive at the funeral and when it’s over they all get a message from an anonymous person, but this time it’s not CeCe it’s someone else.


1. Alison's death

10 years after the girls found out about A's real identity, they (Emily, Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Mona) got a call from Rosewood Police Office. Ali had been murdered shortly after Charlotte got released from the new Radley place. The police therefore send Charlotte back to the mental institution because the police thought that Charlotte was the one who murdered Alison. 

As Spencer got the call from the police she had just finished her work for the day. Spencer got shocked and started to cry a little. As Toby came home she told her what had happened. Toby stayed home because he couldn't come because he had a weekend guard. The funeral was the next day so Spencer had to book a flight quickly.


Emily got the call from the police just as she left her apartment and she stormed back in and started sobbing because she had always loved Alison. Emily didn't have anyone to talk to except for her cat, Mingo. She decided to book flight to the funeral the day after and meanwhile her neighbour would take care of Mingo. 

Hanna had just finished helping out a client in her store when she got the call from the police. As fast as she could, she closed the store and she even kicked out a client. She drove as fast as she could home to Caleb. Hanna told Caleb about what the police said and Hanna quickly booked a flight so she could be at the funeral the day after. Meanwhile Caleb stayed home to take care of the store because Caleb had just lost his job and the store was the only place they could get money to live on from. 

Mona got the call from Hanna, when she was out jogging, because the police didn't contact her. Mona decided to go to the funeral the day after because she wanted to be supportive to the liars. Mona lived together with Mike in an apartment. Mike didn't come to the funeral because Mona asked him not to. 

Aria was writing on her new novel when she got the call from the police. A tear streamed down her face and she went into the living room where her husband Liam sat and told what had happened.  Aria quickly booked a flight and she just got the last flight ticket, for that reason Liam couldn't come with her. 

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