Virus Detected

preparing sapiens removal programs


6. Scanning

Adjusting to Brightness, 
Arina, today will be 28 degrees, sunny with a part of clouds
Command Prompt> C what exactly happened here?
Opening today's news of (Falynnete) 
Time 9:34:28 am
Playing MP3
We are at the scene of the local NucleaTech power plant where choas machines recently-aaagghhh! (feed lost)
End MP3
Command Prompt>C where is everyone?
Opening maps
In red dots are of your friends and people you know
In blue dots are of people you dont know
In green dots are of people you have seen before
Command Prompt>Check for error, no dots can be seen
Scanning Detector
No known errors.
Command Prompt>Directions to nearest dot
Error, no dots visible
Command Prompt>Show black dots of deceased
Nearest deceased is in 50 metres north-easterly direction
Command Prompt>Show yellow dots of nearby unidentified technology

numerous unidentified technologies found near current location

Command Prompt>Give me coordinates to location

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