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14. Redbot


¨Arina! Behind you!¨

Saime watched in horror as a Redbot landed a heavy blow on the back of Arina's neck. Arina stood in a stunned shock for a moment, then crumpled to the ground.

The Redbot turned to face Saime. ¨Aw, schist.¨ Saime muttered.

The Redbot advanced. Saime yanked his gamma pistol ot of his pocket, lifted it, aimed, and fired. The bright, neon green beam hit the Redbot squarely in the cam-eye. The Redbot immediately evaporated, leaving nothing behind but an unconscious...cyborg.

Saime knelt by Arina's side. Her eyes were closed, and the previously glowing wires that lined her arms were now dull.

¨Arina! Arina! Wake up, you piece of junk! C'mon!¨


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