Virus Detected

preparing sapiens removal programs


3. Explanation

the story basically goes like this:

in the future, humans and computers work together, and are inseperable.

today, a teenage girl named Arina starts up her computer shortly after waking up.

the computer runs through daily procedures, listing the events saved on the daily planner.

the computer frequently tries to warn Arina of a virus that has entered the system, but the virus hides the warnings.

the virus slips a note into the planner that wasnt there before: accessing the NucleaTech database.

NucleaTech is the developer of the most deadly weapons in the world....the most dangerous of which is nucleates.

nucleates are an advanced form of nuclear bombs. they can be turned inot any kind of weapon.

they have the ability to kill every single living organism on Earth.

the virus prepares Arina's daily workout program. the program is connected to Arina using a headset.

Arina places the headstet on her head, and the virus starts the sync.

once the sync is completed, the virus starts running programs that will remove Arina from her body, teminate her, and place the virus in her remaining host body.

Arina tries to stop the programs, end the sync, and shut down the computer.

the virus overrides her commands.

a moment later, Arina is successfully terminated.


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