Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


1. Worse than a nightmare

Elle's point of view


"Elle don't be childish. you are just making it harder for your self." dad said calmly. i looked at him with wide eyes i felt like my eyes would pop out of my head at any second. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!" I raised my voice. i was furious. "language." mum hissed. i glared at her deathly.i just found out that my parents had made some kind of agreement with some  freaking Benettony family when i was born that when i turn eighteen that i will get married to their son.  and my mum has the nerve to remind me of 'language' and speaking of the guy they force me to marry. i have no idea who the hell is he. i have never seen him in my life he's totally stranger, what if he is some dirty ugly old man who abuses me or worse rapes me and tortures me and i have stand him. this is sick. things like this happens only in movies, not in my life. Today was my birthday it was 2pm and mum and  dad told me that they have a big birthday present for me what they have been waiting to give me since i was born and that it was something wonderful what they wanted their special only daughter to have. and here i was in some fucking office and this wasn't something great and sweet. 

  "Now come on. lets sing the papers." dad said taking me by the arm and dragging me into room where were men's dressed in suits and they looked so formal and serious that i wanted to scream. i sat between my parents. "now sing your name here." one of the suit man's  said placing a papers in front of me on the table and a pen.

"Estelle Bianca De Lucian is going to marry Nicholas Alistair Benettony in half a year. they cannot divorce. Estelle will have to give birth to Nicholas's child or child's the minimum  number of their child's is two. Estelle's last name will be Benettony after the wedding. Estelle will not cheat Nicholas. if she does she will be in big problem with Nicolas's family. Nicholas will not Cheat either. if Nicholas abuse or cause mental violence to Estelle that will be taken care of so Estelle is safe." 

i stopped reading. i could not continue. this was so fucked off. i though i lived in year 2015 not in some fucking 1500??  I so wish and pray to god that this is some flipped nightmare,but if this is not i think had i finally lost my mind. this wasn't true. it couldn't be. i looked at my parents who looked calm. "what is this." i felt my voice crack.  "just sing it." dad said. "i won't. i will never do it! you heartless bastard, how dare you!" i screamed. "Estelle Bianca!" my mum shushed me again like we were in church with full of relatives in it and i was cursing or behaving badly,but no we weren't at Church we were at some fucking office and they were going to put me marry some douche. my dad's eyes darkened and i could see that he was getting angry. he took my arm and gripped it hard "you will. if you keep insisting. i will make sure that you will never find a job or get a apartment. i will lock you to the basement and you will be fed by water and bread for your rest of life. trust me daughter there's no way you can escape." he said his voice dark and full of anger. who were this man. i looked my mum and she showed no emotion. i looked the mens in the suit asking for help but they all had the same expression on their faces 'ice cold' my hand was shaking and tears ran down my cheeks as i reached for the pen on the table.  the man who i once though would love me and be there for me,who changed my diapers when i was baby and all those childhood memories i shared with him had turned to some cold old man whit deathly dangerous  look in his eyes as he kept gripping my arm harder, i felt the pain in my arm get smaller but it was still there and it was going to left a nasty bruise. i was sobbing quietly as i signed the paper as hot tears run down my cheeks. this was it. i knew my life would never be the same again.


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