Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


3. weak monster



Was i happy? I was miserable. i have been living with Nicholas for a week now and it's been the worst week of my life.That man didn't own a heart, i even tried to be nice to him but i didn't get anything back. it was 11pm and i heard the front door open. i turned around and saw Nicholas he looked like walking zombie. his driver was holding him by his side. "he has a fever. and he can barely stand." the driver said. i took Nicholas from his other side as we helped him in to bed. "i can take it right here." i said to the driver who nod and left. "oh Nicholas. what will i do with you." i said looking him as he had already passed out. i took his shoes of and his suit jacket. i pulled the warm covers over his sweating body. i went down stairs to make some soup. i felt tear roll down my cheeks as i remembered how my mother used to make me chicken soup as i got sick. i went back to upstairs to see if Nicholas was okay. he's eyes were open. "i feel like shit." he groaned as his voice was raspy. "well you have a fever and you really looked like a zombie when your driver helped you in." i said. "i will bring you a soup." i told him and rushed back to kitchen and game back. i put pillows behind his back so he could lean against the bed frame i gave him the soup. he took the spoon in his hands but his hand was shaking like crazy. and the soup got into mattress. "i'm not hungry." he said. but he's stomach growled. "let me. "i said softly and took the spoon from his hands gently. i couldn't stand this man but seeing him all week and powerless made me feel bad for him. "you really don't have to." he said. "open your mouth. this will make you feel better." i told him and he was going to open his mouth to disagree but i just raised my eye brow and he opened his mouth. after i had fed him. he closed his eyes. "i need to pee." he groaned. he tried to get up but he barely could stand. i took him by his left hand and put it over my shoulder as i helped him into bathroom. "can you." i said. he didn't answer he kept his eyes closed. "i don't know. i feel like i am going to pass out." he said. "all right all right." i said as i opened his belt and helped him. i washed his hands and mine. and helped him back to bed. "now try to sleep." i said as he wrapped the covers over him. "i'm freezing." he mumbled. "you are warm. could you." he said keeping his eyes closed. "what?" i asked. "sleep next to me." he said. "okay." i groaned getting next to him. he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his head against my chest. "better." i asked. "much better." he mumbled before he drifted into deep sleep.

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