Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


6. That morning



i open my eyes  and find myself from interesting position. my hands are around Nicolas while his arms are around me. my head is resting on his shoulder and my left arm is resting on his bare chest. i lift my head. he's  still sleeping he looks like a baby. his blond hair is messy nest. and he looks like angel whats funny because he never looks like one. i feel him waking up and i act like i am sleeping. "i know you are awake." he says softly brushing hair out of my face. i slowly open my eyes and feel my cheeks heat up. "i don't know what you are talking about." i say trying not to smirk. he rolls his eyes."slept well?" he asks. "i have slept better, but it was okay." i lie. "you are lying." he says smiling little what shocks me a bit.his half smile makes my heart melt. "you slept like a baby the hole night." he says. "yeah yeah." i say hiding my face into pillow. "you even snored a bit." he jokes. i narrow my eyes and try not to smile. "no i didn't." i say. "oh yes you did." he said. "no i didn't." i said. "everybody snores." he says. "then why are you saying that i snore." i say. "so you admit that you snored." he laughs.damn he's sexy. stop ESTELLE!  i groan out of frustration "oh burn." he says. i throw a pillow at him what he catches like a pro. i throw another one what he catches  too. i groan more trying to act like i am angry. he just looks at me and rises his eye brows like i am childish then smirks. someday i will whip that sexy stupid smirk off his face! "oh and how do you plan to do that?" he says. did i say that out loud? "yes you did." he laughs. "this is not funny." i say laughing a little. i am so awkward. "it totally is." he says. i hide my head on his shoulder since i have threw all the pillows away his finger goes under my chin as he softly moves my head up and looks at my lips i look at him not blinking as try to control my body but my stomach is jumping backflips because i really want him to kiss me... i really want to kiss him. 

Sorry i changed the persons who looks like Nicolas and Estelle,but anyway thats what they look alike. i will post another  chapter soon and too a page where is pictures of their houses and clothes etc.enjoy!

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