Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


2. meet mister cold


After I had signed up the mans in suits took the paper and stood up. "Now,you are under our rules and you can say goodbye to your parents you will see them again when is the wedding do you want extra time to say goodbye to them or are you ready to leave." One of the mans said. "Lets just leave. I have nothing to say to them." I spat looking my parents with disgust. "I am Dean, i work for Benettony's family." The guy in the suit said. I nod. "Do you know why i have to do this?" I asked following him out the building. He shook his head giving me a sympathetic look. "This is your ride." He said as black limo stopped in front of us and a driver came to open door for us. I sat inside the fancy black limo and i saw Dean close the door before walking back to the building. The car drove through the city what i once called my home but i feel like it's going to be a long time when i will be back. the limo stopped to the airport. I got out the limo as the door was opened for me. I stood in front of the white fancy private jet.  "your flight miss." the driver said pointing the plane. i walked into the airplane. "please take a seat and put your seatbelt on we are leaving in few minutes. the flight will take only two hours." the pilot said as he waited me inside the plane. i took a seat and he closed the doors and soon the plane was on air. "miss.miss we are here." voice woke me up. the pilot was standing in front of me. i stepped out the plane. it was already dark. i could see the endless city around me. "where am i?" i asked as i got into black limo. "we are in New York." the driver said as he started the car. i just nod. i looked the city lights as we drove into darkness. the car stopped in front of big house, well it looked like a castle. a big black gates opened and the limo drove inside. the driver opened the door for me. "welcome home! Estelle is lovely finally see you!" oldish woman said as she came outside. she was wearing expensive looking clothes and jewelry  she hugged me. "we have waited you." she told. i was socked i had no idea what was going on. "oh dear. you must wonder who i am. i'm Cristina Benetton. Nicholas's mother." she told me as i followed her inside. "oh.nice to meet you." i said forcing a smile. "you must had rough day. i will show you your room." she told me. the house was beautiful. and my room was like from dream. but i still had the empty feeling in my chest. i wasn't free. "are you hungry?" Christina asked. i shook my head. "i just want to sleep." i half whispered. "oh, sure. have a sweet dreams. tomorrow you will meet Nicholas." she told. i nod. when she left the room. i fell on the bed and cried my self into sleep. 


i woke up in strange room. and then i remembered that it wasn't just a bad dream. this was real. i got up and took a bath. there was walk in closet full of clothes and there was my name on the door. the clothes were my size and so was the shoes. i dressed up and walked downstairs. "oh there you are." Christina smiled as she sawn me. "did you sleep well?" she asked. i nod. "please sit down." she said and i sat on the chair as the maids were bringing food to the table. i really wasn't hungry. even though i hadn't eaten since yesterday. i heard the door open. "it must be Nicholas's!" Christina said standing up. i felt my heart race. i heard footsteps getting closer. i was so scared. "honey, come meet Estelle." Christina said. "Mother." i heard masculine voice speak behind me. it was low and gave me cold shivers. i didn't dare to turn around. "Estelle are you okay, you look so pale." Christina spoke. "come on dear." she said standing next to me. i stood up slowly. i could smell Nicholas's strong after shave. i turned around and my eyes met his bright blue ones. i felt the room get hotter and i just wanted to hide. he was gorgeous. he was wearing black armani suit and stood there manly he looked like model. he's hair was black and he was staring at me with his bright blue eyes. i bit my lip. "i will leave you two alone." Christina said. "how are you." Nicholas asked. i couldn't answer. i shoot him a sarcastic glare. even though he was gorgeous as shit i couldn't accept the fact that i was forced to marry him and have his children. "hey, don't look at me like that. i am just trying to be nice. do you think i like that i'm forced to marry someone like you." he snapped his eyes turning darker as he stared at me coldly. shit. "someone like me?" i snapped. "oh you are speaking now." he said rolling his eyes. he seemed so evil. first he looked at me normally but suddenly he turned to ice cold  asshole. i felt tears roll down my cheeks as i imagined my future to be married to someone like him. his face softened. "Heyhey." he said softly. getting closer and touching my cheek whipping my tear away. "are you two going?" Christians voice asked. "yeah." Nicolas said as he took me by my hand and said goodbye to his mother. "where are we going." i asked quietly as we got out. "to my/our place." he said. "and for you to know. i'm not nice. i'm not gonna be your loving prince charming who will fall in love with you and that shit. i will do what i have to do, but don't even think about that we will be happy loving family. if it would be for me i wouldn't lay a finger on you. but i have to. but i really hope that day doesn't come anytime soon. we have to sleep into same bed but i theres no way i will sleep in same bed with you i will sleep at sofa." he said as his cold glare was back.kill me,he was heartless devil 

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