Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


7. Kiss Addict

Did i kiss Nicolas? No i didn't i slipped from his arms as he leaned closer i jumped from the bed i heard Nicolas let a small laugh. Yeah thats right one point for me and zero for you! I can resist him it's not that hard... Or is it? i really  thought that it's possible but when then random peace of cloth in the floor what made me loose my balance and Nicolas took hold of my hand and i spun around and my body crashed against his muscular chest i was so small compared to him. The smirk in his lips had vanished as he looked at me like he was deep in his thoughts he's arms were holding me by my waist. "Stay strong." My brains said but soon the voice of sense in my brain was blurred as i almost could hear my own heart beat. Nicolas was breathing hard. His left thumb slowly moved on my cheek what left my cheek and then moved to my lower  lip and then he closed his eyes and i heard him muttering "shit,i cant help it..." After his both hands held my face as he pressed his lips softly on mine. This kiss was so different compared to the other kiss months ago. That was all possessive and sexual but he kept his eyes shut as his lips moved gently and torturously slowly against mine. My heart was going to jump from my chest. We pulled away to catch a breath. "You have no idea how long i have wanted to kiss you since the first time my lips touched yours."he said looking almost desperate. What made me feel kind of weird since he's personality was all "i,me myself i own you,i am the king,only my rules," he had the aura around him what made you feel like he was controlling everything and that he didn't need anyone that people needed him. And here he was saying that he liked kissing me.i was blushing from his words i just run my fingers in his hair and stood up to my tip toes to reach my lips to his since he was so much taller than me. He relaxed a bit as he slowly sat on the edge of the bed and placed me on his lap that i was strangling him.his hands played with end of my hair what was on messy bun what he opened so my hair fell to my shoulders. I raised my eye brows to him and he smiled innocently. He moved my hair to my left shoulder as his lips kissed my neck. As his lips moved on my neck it was like he was burning my skin where ever his lips touched.he was torturing me i took him gently by his cheek and and moved his head so that my lips would be on his he let small laugh and i could feel him smile against my lips. Who was this Nicolas. We just sat there holding each others and kissing we had to stop since we started to get hungry and everyone needs breakfast. Something had clearly changed between us.

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