Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


5. Family party



two months later


Nicolas hasn't tried anything since that one time at morning when he had been sick. and i think we are back in the start again. he works as much as possible to ignore me and i even feel like it's hard for him to look at me and it hurts me. but i am good at keeping it inside, even though it's killing me. today is some party where will be Nicolas's family and friends and me? i am freaking nervous. "what do i wear?" i ask as we eat breakfast. Nicolas takes his eyes of his plate and looks at me. i see a little smirk playing in his lips before he's cold glare is back again. "something nice, not too fancy or too casual." he says and takes his phone and starts to do something. i nod and wash my plate and go to my room. "are you ready? " i heard Nicolas yell after twenty minutes. and i close my door and walk down the stairs and see him wearing  white dress shirt and black pants and he looks very nice and hand some. he raises his eye brows as he sees me then he rolls his eyes. "is it okay?" i ask. he just nods and i follow him to the car. see? we are so close. and i am supposed to marry this guy. the drive to his parent's house is quiet. as we arrive the house is full of people. Nicolas takes my hand as we get of the car. the whole time at party i stand next to Nicolas smiling fake smile and wishing that i could go back to home and not to be around these people."i want to go home." i whisper to Nicolas. he just raises his eye brow and snaps "just few hours. its not that bad."  "no Nicolas please." i say. "i am not leaving. if you want to go you can walk." he groans and walks away. i don't move i just stand there looking at him. he gotta be kidding. i see a blond girl wearing slutty clothes and i bet she has fake boobs,fake nails etc. "Nicolas!" she yells and i see Nicolas give her a charming smile. this is so typical. i leave the house and make my way out to the street its cold and dark and i have walked god knows how long when i hear someone yelling. i turn around and see dirty man walking over me fast i quicken my steps. this can be no good. "where do you think you are going?" he yells. "leave me alone." i speak. "oh i don't think so." he laughs. and pushes me against the wall and my back hits the cold hard wall. "he starts to touch me and i scream. "stop! let me go." i say trying to stop his hands but he just hits my cheek and continues. i feel the panic rise in my throat as he don't stop as i cry and beg him to stop. he just hits my cheeks and stomach  saying that i have to shut up. nothing like this wouldn't happened if Nicolas would just have taken me home.he is probably making out with the disgusting barbie right now while this guy is trying to rape me. i kick the mans stomach but he doesn't move. "you wanna fight you little bitch!" he laughs and i see his fist flying to my face and i close my eyes but the punch never comes. no one isn't touching me. i collapse to the ground as my knees give up. i see that the dirty old guy is on the ground and someone is punching him like theres no tomorrow. "Don't you ever! touch her again. i  swear i will fucking kill you." Nicolas's voice roars like angry lion. i'm socked. when he hears me sobbing he stops and turns to look at me. he picks me up from the ground and carries me to the car. "don't you ever leave like that. i was worried." he mumbles. "i wanted to go home! i'm tired but you said i have to walk." i said. "i know. it's not your fault. i am sorry." he says and sits me down to car seat and closes the door and walks to the cars other side  and drives us home. i keep my eyes closed,because it hurts to open them. i have been crying so much that my eyes hurts. is it even possible? i guess it is. i feel him lift me out from the car and i hear him open the door and put the lights on. he walks to the bathroom and sits me on the washing machine whats near to the sink. i have opened my eyes and i sit quiet and watch him go through the mirror cabinet and take a first aid kit. he washes and cleans my bruises and whips my tears of my cheeks. i stare his face whats filled with quilt and pain. i feel bad for him. he looks very tired and like something had sucked the light off him. i have never seen him like that. that time when he was sick don't count because he was weak but still the aura around him was all possessed and stuff. but now his blue eyes are not sparkling and the hard look on his face has vanished to the air. we don't speak. he leaves the room and comes back with a pair of white t shirt what is clearly his. he looks deep inside my eyes as he gently undresses my ripped dress what that pathetic guy ripped apart and tosses the broken cloth to the bin and even though i am sitting there in front of him only wearing  my bra and panties he doesn't look my body he puts the shirt over my head. "are you hungry?" he asks. i shake my head. "i just want to sleep." i whisper. he nods and  carries me on bed but it's not my bed, its his. then he kisses my forehead and mumbles "goodnight." before shuts the lights and walks out the room. i am confused. i am not panicked or stressed of what happened outside i am confused of Nicolas. he showed the side of him what i didn't know that was inside. i don't know him so well as i though i knew. 

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