Stolen freedom

never in billion years would have Elle though that she would find her self being forced to marry someone she haven't never even met and she was just turned eighteen. worst eighteen present ever.


4. Confusion



I slowly opened my eyes and stared the white ceiling. it looked weird. my ceiling doesn't look like that.oh right...  i mentally cursed as i realized that strong pair of hands were wrapped around me as my back was pressed against muscular and warm chest. he was still asleep. i tried to move but he was like made of brick. i started to move and tried to get away from his grip. he was Nicolas after all. no matter that i totally enjoyed that he was holding me and i felt safe and everything i hated my self for feeling so comfortable in his arms this man was an animal who didn't give two flying fucks about me. "Estelle." he said calmly with raspy and yeah it hurts to admit that it sounded freaking sexy. "what are you doing?" he asked still not letting go of me. "um. i'm trying to get up?" i said trying not to sound mean or sarcastic even though i wanted. "why?" he asked. had this man lost his brain while he was sleeping or why was he so dumb. i mean he is dumb but not this dumb. "because..." i started but i got cut by Nicolas's strong arm gently moving my air to other side as he placed his head to my shoulder as if trying to get more comfortable.  what was he doing?! who the hell did he think i was? "NICHOLAS. get your hands of me." i said angrily. i was going to punch this man if he was going to play with me. he let me go and i jumped of his bed. he had strange look in his face. "if you despise me so much then why where you there at first place?" he said. "you were sick and weak and begged me to stay with you." i said to him starting to get pissed off. "that didn't answer my question. Estelle you could have left right when i would have fallen  asleep." he said. where was he going with this. "oh please stop. show some respect no need to get all annoying. just a thank you would be enough." i roared. maybe raising my voice bit too much. he's blue eyes darkened in a flash and the old cold Nicolas was back as he stood up from the bed. he was only wearing  white pair of Calvin Klein's and he looked like.. please don't let me get started. GREEK GOD. but still he was evil and heartless piece of shit. i froze. he started to take steps towards me. what was he going to do? he didn't look happy? was he going to abuse me? or worse kill me. i took steps back not breaking the eye contact. i felt my skin to go in goosebumps as my back hit the wall. "Don't you dare to raise your voice to me." he roared looking at me dangerously. i wanted to laugh. but i couldn't i was fucking scared. "or what?" i tested. he bite his teeth as trying to control him self but failed and as i was waiting him to do something horrible to me as his arms wrapped around my body crushing me hard against him his lips attacked  mine. this totally came from surprise to me. my body heated up like fire as i felt his skin against mine and his soft heavenly lips against mine kissing me hungrily  even the kiss was all possessed just like i imagined. this man didn't clearly have a soft side. i gave in. i couldn't fight it. i had no idea what was going on in my body it was like my brains didn't have control over anything. my brains were yelling me to stop and insulting Nicolas but it was like something had turned my brain to mute. my legs wrapped around his waist and i wrapped my hands around him as i kissed him back. he was breathing hard and i could feel his fast heart beat. he lied my down back to the bed and kept kissing me hard. he started to kiss my neck and my collarbones and his mouth was so skilled that i tried my best to bite my lip and not to moan. he's looked at me as i tried not to moan but when i his blue eyes stared my lips i gave in again. this man was going to drive me over the edge. i was only in my bra and panties as he kept kissing every single part of my skin and it felt so right and good. but gladly i came to my senses. "Nicolas. we need to stop." i moaned and my tone sounded like i really didn't want to stop. he stopped as he heard my voice and looked back to me. "i know." he said. he kissed my cheek and my lips one more time again before he disappeared  from the room and i heard the  shower turn on. first i lied in the bed like idiot staring at the stupid ceiling and trying to calm my breath and think what the hell just happened.  i slowly got up and walked to my room and even though i was inside my room standing like idiot because i could smell him on my skin i cursed for thousand time for this morning and took a shower. what the just happened.

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