A work in progress book, taking place in an alternate reality Tokyo, Japan.


1. The man in the mask.

The moon shone in the sky, illuminating the city. It was unsettlingly silent except for the sound of the wind’s howl echoing across the city’s buildings. The city’s windows were dark, the bars were closing and the majority of people have gone to sleep. The ground was wet from a recent rainfall, and the air felt humid, heralding that the wind may be bringing a storm.


Two men turned the corner laughing and drinking; they were graduate students on the way home from the bar, drunk and tired. "I don't want to walk much farther... Let's take a shortcut down this alley," The first man says. In response the second man asks with a concerned look, "Is it safe? I heard there is a serial killer roaming around on the news earlier.." The first man laughs and yells with a drunken grin, "The news is a bunch of bullshit, trust me it's fine!" The second man looks at the first one with an unbelieving stare but decided he’d rather stay in a group than go off alone.


The two men entered the alley, the first marching down the alley dramatically, stumbles and lands face first down on the ground and, groans in pain. "Are you okay?" The second asks, looking down at the man who fell. The man grunts, "Never better.."


The second man reaches down to pull the fallen man up but stops suddenly when he hears the sound of metal scraping against concrete. "Did you hear that?" he says with a frightened look. "Bah! It is probably just a stray cat or raccoon.” The first man replies as he gets up. “Quit being a pu-" The man stops mid-word and stands still. "Uh, you okay?" The second man turns toward his friend and sees blood flowing out of his friend's chest. He falls to the ground with a thud, blood oozing into a puddle around him.


The man looks at his friend’s corpse and slowly moves his gaze up and saw a pale man with pitch black hair, holding a katana , and wearing a white mask with a smiling face. Instead of a happy appearance, he looked menacing, and in the mask’s eyes there was a shining red that made his nerves burn and his body freeze. The man came to his senses, throwing his now empty bottle at the masked man and turned around and, tries to run away , while screaming at the top of his lungs. He feels a sudden sharp pain in his stomach and stops, looking down in pain and fear.


He sees the katana protruding from his stomach and grasps his hands around the blade in disbelief.  It is silent apart from the wind and the sound of blood dripping echoing in the alley. The man in the mask leans forward next to the man’s ear and whispers, "Never-More." The blade slices up in one swift movement and splits the upper body of the man in half. It begins to rain, thunder echoing across the town. With a flash of lightning the masked man disappears, leaving no trace other than 2 corpses soaking in their own blood.

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