A work in progress book, taking place in an alternate reality Tokyo, Japan.


2. The apartment.

“Last night, a patrolman found two bodies. Graduate students who reportedly were on their way home from a bar in the area went off the main road and into an alleyway, where they fell victim to the serial killer.”


A girl with shoulder-length black hair and pale skin stared at the television with a bored expression. She was in a room with a television, set up next to a small table that seated four people. The room was a Japanese-style room with tatami mat flooring and sliding doors. “Arashi, the mayor is talking about the serial killer again.” She yawns and slumps forward, holding her head up with one arm.


“We urge you all to stay indoors at night time, but if you must go out stick to well lit areas and streets.” The mayor steps off the podium and another man takes the stage.


“As captain of law enforcement, I swear on my badge that we will bring this killer to justice.” The captain after giving this quick statement, got off the podium and walked into the building along with his lieutenant.


“Looks like someone has a death wish.” A man with black hair and gold eyes stood in the entryway to the room holding two large boxes. “Ao, would you turn off the tv and help me out here? These are heavy.”


“Oh, I’m coming Arashi!” Ao quickly turns off the tv and runs over, taking one of the boxes. They take the boxes over to the kitchen and set them down on the counters. Ao went to open the boxes and look inside, but Arashi smacked her hand.


“Don’t touch unless you want that hand cut off!” he snapped. Ao flinches and mutters a curse under her breath, glaring at him.


“I am so going to kill you one day…” Arashi narrowed his eyes at her statement and his hand moved toward a kitchen knife on the counter slowly.


The door slams open, in the doorway was a pale man with long blue hair and crimson eyes, he had a feminine appearance to him where at first glance you would not believe he is a man. He walked in glaring at Arashi and Ao with a frustrated look on his face.


“Gone for 30 minutes and you two are already preparing to kill each other, what am I going to do with you. Knock it off.” His voice was elegant and smooth, it was pleasing to the ears, but at the same time had a frightening tone to it, Ao and Arashi stood up straighter and stopped glaring at each other.


“Sorry about that Kori.” Ao said. She started walking out of the kitchen, but before she could Kori stopped her.


“Don’t even think about trying to walk away, as punishment for the fight you two will be cooking dinner tonight.” Kori proceeded to take out the groceries he bought at the convenience store and started placing them on the counter one by one.


Ao and Arashi sneaked a quick glare at each other and were about to protest, but when Kori narrowed his eyes and stared them down they decided it would be best to stay silent.


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