A work in progress book, taking place in an alternate reality Tokyo, Japan.


3. After dinner.

“I’m heading out!” Ao yelled getting her shoes on and exiting through the door. Kori and Arashi were cleaning up the dishes from dinner, it was silent for some time.

“You favor her too much.” Arashi stated, breaking the silence. Kori sighed closing his eyes slowly and looking up at the ceiling.

“She was only 13, she hasn’t had the chance to mature.” Kori looked at Arashi at the corner of his eye, continuing to wash the dishes. “Give it a rest, she was going to go through the rebellious phase at some point like all of the young people seem to do in this age.”

“She needs to learn how to mature!” Arashi dropped a plate, shattering it on the floor and glared at Kori. “She cannot be like this forever and will need to learn sooner or later!” Kori picked up the broken shards of the plate, then looked up at Arashi.

“And that is the reason you come close to killing her?” Kori stood up looking down at Arashi. “You need to control that anger more effectively, or it may end up costing you.” Arashi’s blood boiled in his veins, he grabbed Kori’s collar and pulled until Kori’s face was down to his eye level.

“You think just because of your blood you are better than me?” Arashi hissed into Kori’s face. “Don’t look down on me.”

Kori sighed wiping Arashi’s spit from his face. “You know I never said that, I am not trying to cause an issue here.” Kori said, throwing away the broken shards of the plate. “You need to calm down, I am not trying to insult you.” Arashi pushed Kori back, walking toward the door.

“I don’t need you!” Arashi yelled while putting on his boots. “I can survive on my own without your help!” Kori walked out of the kitchen toward the exit, shaking his head.

“We have known each other for a long time, don’t make a decision you might regret.” Kori said, moving his long hair back from his face, but before he could finish Arashi was out the door. Kori sighed and returned to the kitchen to finish cleaning up.

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