Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


10. Yellow

The history or something that a lot to deal with kids with disabilities life can be hard it's bad enough that the fact that they feel like embarrassed because of who they are and what made them like this everything what these kids to say about them isn't true they forgot about themselves lately if they felt ashamed for blaming people who raise them to be like this then that's on them to hurt them but they when all of these people that bullied or their parents doesn't have the time to listen to what their going through and not being ignore then their feelings won't be hurt. The way that they don't see what they do to them it's not okay for them to live like this what they are going to do is be together because they feel that their lives would be okay without no one being alone for the sake of them not feeling safe when they need them the most. Things were about to be different because everything was about to be at least bringing the postive in them so this wasn't going to be the first time for them taking this and isn't the journey that they would do this is the autitic society.

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