Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


4. What Happens Next?

All of the kids went back on their second week of school this was an awesome day for all of the kids in Mr. Kingston class they were going to be okay for a while these students in the general education classes were going too far about what happened over Lester friends his homeboy Tyler was messing with Theresa with harassing her Anaya told him to "Leave my friend alone" Tyler started everything from top to bottom Anaya and Tyler had something back in the day she wants to be silent about it but the way he does it is childish and immature. Theresa felt that she was violated she was too scared and nervous for her safety since her mother went to Vegas with her boyfriend she couldn't hide she can't make excuses anymore for who she was in the past and at the party so a lot of things was happening matter of fact all of them felt embarrass of by how they were treated by people they hanged out with people that they barely known. That lesson that they taught themselves isn't hard enough solving their own problem can get very hard when they're alone when they got to their home Anaya had flashbacks when she was under water with her clothes on taking pictures she felt that she was shaking and her deep thoughts were melancholy when her brother played that saxophone she needed a nap to calm down , Kevin had saw a video of him touching someone's body parts he slam his computer that hide in the closet all of them felt stupid and humiliated that's not all Anaya and Kevin saw they saw violet being drunk and having boys being kissing on her while she was refusing, Kate was drinking this punch that was spiked and act like a fool everyone was laughing at her like she was a joke. All the kids were feeling weird about what they did and Lester felt really bad making this party and doing nothing to protect them from getting hard he couldn't see he thought that things was a blur that night so he made an excuse not to help them when they needed him at the time Theresa was stuck in the bathroom someone lock the door it was Tyler and he was trying to do what he has to do to get his reputation back she doesn't want to do anything but be herself and she feels like if no one can help her then she can't help herself she got the door and ran to go to class it was too late her classroom was locked. Kate was late for second class she had to get a drink a water and what goes on in the hallway she saw Tyler he told her "Don't say nothing to nobody" she wasn't even scared of him because she practices self-defense for herself to be a strong person she wants to know these girls even Lynn seems like a cool person they want to see what happens next once they get to know each other and don't spill the secrets at the party? 

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