Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


1. This Society

Nine kids Anaya, Kevin, Mark, Lynn, Theresa, Kate, Myles, Violet and Lester goes to the same school to have a better education for them to graduate all of them went to their special education classes they felt that they were going to fit in and thinks that this is where they belong Anaya keeps saying "Hello" to everyone but no one respond and that is what makes her embarrassed of herself so that wasn't easy for her to make friends. Kevin story is complicated than ever he's adopted to a family who gives two craps of what people think of him while he's home Kevin knows that he is a special person that has a knack for drawing he has a talent personality things changed once he started drinking at night and not even going to school and hanging with people that is not even his age Kevin goes through Asperger's his parents are denying at the fact that he's disable that makes him didn't like his parents even more. Mark goes all the way around his mother has been doing drugs since he was thirteen his trust for his mother is really questionable he is really overprotective to his baby sister Ashley he has been on and off with his mother ever since his dad in jail doing his best to ignore him when he sees him mark only half way tried to talk to his mother but his sister does want to spend with their father mark wasn't having it he goes through adhd because of what his attention to his mother is distance. Lynn has a difficult time talking to her aunt about her leaving her old school things got worse when she told the wrong information about losing her virginity and her life once she went over her friend's house she got treated like a outcast because of her disability schizophrenia and her life turning herself in to the mental intuition she got medical help for the first time problem is her second time getting treatment was worse her mind was shut down when it came to school since the day that she went back to the hospital things got actually better for her and her family. Theresa  story was letting her tell it how it is she has a hard time being with her stepfather since her mother broke up with him she was happy because since these years that Theresa had fought her sister things went left when she and her sister hasn't been getting along and she has deal with her stepfather forcing her to do things that has to be his ways and she has been depressed over the fact that seeing herself in her position she feels sorry that her siblings had to go through what her and her had experienced. Kate story is really relieved when she went to her cousin house things went awful her and her cousin friend Gigi had got into an argument and a lot people has been talking about her that is when her anxiety comes in the picture her getting pick on wasn't easy for her to live in that moment she has been writing and her words were beautiful by the word it she has an anxiety disorder she loves herself who she is today. Myles story has been on edge he's been bullied for his looks and he dresses he didn't even want to go to school everyday because he was scared for his life to be torn apart he has been call ugly and other names that doesn't make sense he has made excuses for himself for the way he looks or how he dresses his life was painful once his grandpa passed away he has been a mess and his way of writing poetry and telling stories about himself  he wrote a poem that everyone loved he's has dyslexia. Violet has been in two foster homes and her babysitter is her boyfriend that is twenty one and she is eighteen they both fell in love but all she cared about was him and not thinking about her passing her dance class she has sexually harassed by her boyfriend there's is nothing that he can do about it because she thinks that he has the power the money to do whatever he wants while she's dating him meanwhile she hasn't been raised by her dad and her life without her dad around was speechless for everyone that doesn't know her mother told her about why she hasn't been around she was ashamed that he would do a thing she really felt bad she has autism just like Anaya. Lester story is very uncomfortable because his ways for women can be strange for himself not his peers his friendship with Anaya has been great so far him and his father doesn't see eye to eye when he goes through a lot at home he usually be in his room his whole life was making a name for him at Georgia as the new kid him and Anaya had something in common and have similar inserts with each other his home was about partying now his pride was his school only none of his friends has this feeling that he has bipolar.        

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