Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


13. The Autistic Society Ending For Nine Kids

These kids are making this world a better place they all graduate high school and starts college soon first off Anaya is going to school for English and started on her first poem and everyone was amazed of how talented she is, Kevin drawings made him get a job and hope to get along with his adoptive and biological parents someday, Lynn is dating a new guy he's really nice and one start a future with him, Mark and Ashley moved into a new apartment and their mother is getting help at rehab, Theresa and Tyler are just going to be just friends he apologize for hurting her she forgives him as her future she still planning on what she wants to do, Kate has her own boxing gym and still seeing Myles, Myles joined the track team he's staying fit and still being himself, Violet is staying in school and had a great relationship with her father while on the phone and wishes to see him someday and at last Lester quit partying and life his life together all his friends were really proud these nine kids has disabilities they didn't even cry about or hate themselves they wanted to love them for who they are they didn't change to pleased everyone but this time these nine kids were going to make a living and great life decisions.

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