Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


5. Teeange Women

Anaya and the rest of the girls went shopping and got their nails done Kate love the way Anaya dress because she's fully clothed so is the rest of them all of these girls were getting some food at Anaya house telling who has a crush on what boy in their classes Kate likes Myles because he's talented for writing and she likes Kevin but as a friend she likes boys that's draws things are getting backwards with her love life Lynn still thinks that Tyler could be hers but the way he treats Theresa she needed to think about it so she does like boys that are bad and reckless she be like things could change for the better when Theresa ask Lynn a question about what she liked about Tyler? Kate got quiet for a second because she is the one that talk to Tyler about his bad reputation she had to tell Lynn what he said to her so things got awkward for the way questions were asked they needed to change the subject. This morning everyone has been off guard since a lot of questions about what Tyler said to Kate so she needed to be silent before things get worse she tried not to be scared for a minute when Kate be not scared she was has a pale face that has freckles on it but invisible she pulled Theresa aside at her desk she told her everything about what he said to her Theresa was thanking Kate for being honest. Theresa knew that Tyler was up to something when she saw him he ignore her until later on she had to get back at him so she ask Anaya for her advice so everyone in her class had 48 hours to think everything to get back at Tyler for bullying Theresa so when they had a plot for revenge they took everything in his house including his mother necklace Tyler got home his stuff was missing his necklace was a gift when his mother got sick and he has father issues his grandmother raising him and she never show him affection not even a hug or a kiss that is why he doesn't like to be touched not even by his friends what he was about to do is find Theresa and got what he wanted it was midnight and she was about to go get her something to drink he called her "Beautiful" he really thought that he forgot Theresa got her phone it wasn't even working when she run away he push her to the wall Kate saw everything she fought him and got Theresa and went to bed. Last night was crazy Theresa never went to school because of what happened she knew that Tyler was going to get her back she was too stress out she needed a break she didn't had a chance to go to sleep she appreciate Kate for standing up for her that is what friends do when they need them then you call them don't never keep it a secret because when she holds everything inside that means these teenage woman needs to be stronger because life goes on and on. 

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