Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


8. Stand by us

While the kids walk to the fridge to get some food Lynn saw a radio and cds of some of their favorites some of them were old school and todays music they all had fun in the house and mark needed this break he even got Ashley to come along with them anaya started playing the music and imagine being flirty and like bad girls mark enjoy them pretending to be like them in the vidoes they even have the mariah carey cds they loved kevin said "that is my wife to be" theu all were laughing because they all thought that kevin was being funny he was being dead serious about being mariah carey husband. Theresa think that this was their own partu without nothing being able to do embarrassing things outside the school so things weren't bad for her in her opinion she wants to have a little fun for the better the kids went to sleep in the living room. Lynn started to hear something outside their parents called the police for abandonment from home without permission so everyone panicked when the poilce came into the door mark mother call them to come home mark doesn't even trust her if he does com3 back then she will fall into her bad habits. Myles doesn't know why would they call the police to get them kevin and the rest of them were confused too so everyone had to go home their parents were going to be disappointed but myles mother knows why he did it to get away from the bad people and go to an awesome atomsphere on the other hand mark's mother took it upon himself on why he left he explained to her ever since she did drugs he was shut down on everything that has happened to him and his trust was very irrational to the fact that Ashley is his only conern but his mother doesn't see that way because she doesn't even have the chance to raise her because of the addiction so mark decides to bring ashley to live with him so she can get help to take care of herself and her kids thay she loved and care about.

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