Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


3. Sneakers

Lester and his new classmates were hanging out he realize that they're perky he wasn't used to it because of his bad reputation they don't know that but Myles like him but everything went south when they told their secrets about home personally all of the boys were in a dark place that none of them can be found in their dreams .Mark is going home early even though he doesn't even want to be seen in public expect school his mother asking him "where you have been" Ashley being sick and his mother isn't taking of her that's most of his problems because this was foolish of how he was treated at thirteen since his mother was doing drugs and caring less about them being taking care of instead she worries about herself it gets very annoying when he tries to talk to her either she been on drugs or having someone babysit while she's gone he thinks that it'll never change. Myles got into the car his mother being who she cussing on the phone in front of the kids he thought his home that he lived was being homeless he gets so upset because their is nothing that he can do for his mother he's the oldest and he is responsible he really likes someone that is his type when he's around his friend he gets ambush or being delusional of what he is saying so his old school was nothing but trouble. The boys went to the store and Lester got a pair of shoes and it cost more than his allowance he had to save his money even Kevin tries to save his money but things get hard when he starts to drink and start being the bad guy once his adoptive mother tries to be a parent to eleven kids all at once he feels that he knows that his family loves him sometimes they don't show the love that he wants them to have when they need them it always have to be a busy schedule all of the boys went to the mall and have a good time getting to know how they are as classmates then Lester and Myles had a talk about who they were back then as party animals and pretending to be like other people. Mark saw some timberlands he always wanted to dress up like his favorite rappers and has been a fan to old school rap since everything started happen with his father he's been muted about everything about his father being in jail he doesn't even wanted to talk about their lives has been out of control and realizing that these boys aren't alone with everything that mark or anyone goes through everyday life can be the same and going away with their problems isn't going to help mark thinks that therapy isn't going to work out for his family because they're not the kind of people that doesn't like to tell everyone their business in public so their the quiet ones every time that mark and his mother doesn't get along because it's all about her instead of Ashley when he found out that she wasn't taking care of Ashley when he was sick then problems arise as normal so Myles had felt something that was interested him that was similar to mark's story what he thought does make sense.

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