Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


12. Never Thought

When i was eleven i never thought that embarrassing yourself wasn't cool.

When i was twelve i never thought that making fun of someone to make the person feel bad.

When i was thriteen i never thought that if someone doesn't like you back because of the way you look can be foolish.

When I was fourteen I never thought that I had so many crushes that I just pretend sometimes.

When I was fifteen I never thought that doing the dance that I used to do was them laughing at me not because I was funny they were embarrassed of me that I didn't appreciate.

When I was sixteen I never thought that my own family were treating me so bad in their of their friends because they think that you're the fool not them.

When I was seven now I'm eighteen I never thought that starting brand new wasn't the easiest thing to do but forgiveness is the right thing to do in your heart.



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