Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


9. Hello it's me be free again

When kids go through something that they wish that doesn't happened life gets really terrible real fast problems with everyone that has a issue with them their own lives will get really get broken by breaking them down Lester call his family her sister picked up the phone she said "hello it's me" he couldn't speak because has beem talking about seeing his mother she sound like her he was really nice to hear her voice their mother taught them what is righy and what is wrong. Lynn parents grounded her because she left home she thinks it's not a big deal because she also thinks that they don't have the time to listen what she has to say about her being a grown up instead of being left out or feeling alone theresa needs to be able to finish school because she wants to graduate early but she was never going to leave school to please her parents. The teachers handed out some assignments for their schoolwork for the day in the afternoon lester started to remember kristie being his date to homecoming then they were dating anaya got so annoyed she didn't even liked his girlfriends because she got the fact that Patricia is his new girlfriend for two years they wanted to make it official soon or later their only one problem his sister selene can't stand her because she was to her, she has an attitude to people that is respectful to her so things are going to get ugly real fast if they ever see each other. Kate went to lunch with theresa and talk about what was going on with their parents grounded them they feel like their not important enough all these nights they all think that all of the kids can moved in too but that was after high school their parents are being unreasonable and getting to be forgotten things are crazy for all the kids are going through this kate and theresa wants to be free again as teenagers. 

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