Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


6. For You I Rise

For them to have disabilities can be a tough thing going on when it comes to going through a lot of bullying telling them that they're weird and looking at them like it's funny for who they are their parents don't believe that nothing is wrong with them they think that they just have issues with other people that treated them bad these kids parents know well that isn't it they just think that way expect for Myles mother she's more understanding and pays attention to her kids more he just doesn't tell her things that is happening to him at school. Like for real their parents is all they got for right now they wanted to be their own independent person what is stopping them it's them raggedy kids that wants to break them down to their level and their levels are getting better to stay in school all these bad kids is just fail and do things that is going to get them into trouble nothing that is going to stop is getting their education then they'll see where their future is. Anyone who would make friends is Anaya because she can be naïve at most of the time she just want someone who would stoop in her level and respect her as a human being so does her classmates feel the same way when they went through the same way life can't be easy because things went south for a minute they had to get what they tried to say to people about why they are like or act like this for a reason because some people don't know where they stand as people today they all were more than willing for let someone know what positivity that they have on the outside on the inside these people be in their head they don't know what was the issue when they were just to have fun and meet new people when true colors began when they record them in truth or dare all these kids were so angry they already gone through enough with the laughing at them, gossiping, bullying, making fun of them and telling lies. They can see why that people can be throwing away their confidence just because of this party these people were nothing but trouble when they first met them everything can go south when it comes to online seeing people doing a lot that shouldn't been avoided then judgment can be let go for the better these kids left the school and they haven't seen them since then but Tyler was the only person that bullied Theresa she was so frightened that she can barley tell anyone that she almost got hurt and Kate was the only person that fought for her and doing self-defense for themselves they'll rise for them not no one else if they need to say what they have to say to be safe then you got do what you have to do in their opinion each kid would rather be lonely than being unhappy by lying about themselves and tell the truth about who they are.  

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