Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


7. Emergency

Lynn's sister call her for dinner she felt that her family can be a little judgmental because of what she's having problems with people she dealt with her grades are doing okay and her friendship with her classmates are better because they're the ones who doesn't judge them for who she is or where she stands as a friend to them while they're strong people that went through as being disable it's important to be around them because they were the ones to give her a chance to let her explain what kind of person that Lynn is. Anaya doesn't like taking pictures of herself because she doesn't want to be seen online she don't want a phone but she does need a computer her mother needed to know what was going on and why is she hiding out well Anaya had to talk to her mother about the whole party truth and dares she finally told the whole truth about what happened it was relieved all this time she couldn't tell her mom anything now she did and has trust for people that has her believing that she is confident. Violet saw the video seeing herself being asleep then she had  anxiety attack Kate took her to the hospital and she had been sleep for an hour when she was awake she knew that anyone that was their for her was only her real friends and classmate .Kate told them what happened from seeing that video trying to hurt herself from cyber bullying they all need to know who is sending these videos and putting them to the internet from them trying to fun they just don't understand they all have some messed up lives that they're living in without parents caring about them they all decide to leave home for awhile some of them don't know if that's a good idea they got no choice. They got all the things they need Kate borrowed her brother van and left for the night they needed a break from this city that they live in for years Lynn had told about herself so did other kids if she told what she did at the party it was going to be a problem they all agreed but this right here what they told about the party doing dangerous truth and dares is definitely necessary for their health. When they got there it was beautiful here they decide to stay in a empty house that isn't even there everything was clean and the keys was nothing but easy to unlock the door where can they find food the fridge had a lot of food Kevin was drawing in the middle of the night thinking about his parents he drew them and his siblings, Myles write stories of his own, Theresa has a talent doing movies everyone saw her movie she did amazing on her first one Anaya thinks that even though that they have a talent that doesn't mean that they're not invisible they never gave up of the bullying they went through for now they want to forget everything that has happens and clear their head with none of them remembering the bad days.  

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