Autstic Society

This story is about teenagers going through disabilities.


2. Class Room

All of the kids have their first day of school tomorrow they all separately hopes that everything goes smoothly because they got bullied by every kid that they were with at the time they thought that whoever that they were with wanted to be their friend but these students were so rude and disrespectful to them and ever since they all went to a separate party and did truth or dare games they've been very left out since they did all of the things they thought that was weird and not even in their level so things got out of hand. Anaya went to see her family they all were having a good time thinking that she was getting involved during a board game nothing was getting better because her old friend keeps spraying that she is "Retarded" and she was so upset that she couldn't tell her mother because of the way she freaks out of things Anaya felt like crying but she wants to stay strong she'll always be herself when she listen to other people she lose her confidence. Lester call an old friend to plan a party for first day of school Lester wasn't even going to let last year offend him every time he wants to leave the bad things behind and let yesterday be the past everyone is talking about it every time they see them he feels that  these kids are taking all the energy out to find out who was the person to do truth or dare because he knows that was messed up and shady he still have his doubts about people being his friends that he's with now since he got out of that school he hasn't seen them ever since the embarrassment situation he isn't going to have nothing to do with these people that he party with anymore it was time for him to be a responsible. Lynn feels like she is nervous that she start a school that isn't her image as a matter of fact she has a problem with peer pressure as no one was their for her when she feeling down she needed that support system since all the kids has school tomorrow they all went to bed early for school it was 5 a.m. Violet had got up and got in her car and drive to go get breakfast when the kids had got into the class room it was so different it looked a mess but since the teacher Mr. Kingston had clean up every desk once they all sat down he introduce himself the kids introduce themselves none of them wanted to talk about what is going on in their lives at home Mr. Kingston said "It's okay to be open or mute there is someone that has trust". Anaya and Lynn had sat next to each other they were both talking to each other and they realized that they have something in common that is music and the way they love it is expressing their hopes, dreams and goals Anaya and Lynn are actually friends for now Theresa and Violet went to lunch they had the opportunity to have a conservation which they did and fortunately they got along great. The boys had sat with each other during class then they decide to hang out after school.   

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