What would happen if Hannah cheated with Ezra and Aria thought she needed to get back at Hannah so she hooked up with Caleb. But then things got more serious. They actually had real feelings for each other.


1. That little Bitch

Aria was walking to Ezra's apartment. When she got there she saw the door was slightly open. Hannah was in there. What is she doing here? Aria asked herself quietly. Then she saw the most awful thing that could happen. HANNAH WAS KISSING EZRA. HOW COULD SHE THAT BITCH. Aria slammed the door open. Ezra and Hannah both looked like they have just seen a ghost. A..A..A....Aria. Ezra stutterd. I can explain. You don't have to, this little sluts got it all figured out huh. Aria said with tears in her eyes.  Ar...aria I'm so sorry. Hannah said. THERES IS NO WAY TOU CAN BE FORGIVIN AND IM PRETTY SURE CALEB FEELS THE EXACT SAME WAY. Aria screamed full on crying now. Aria please don't tell him. I promise I will but please let me tell him. Hannah begged. No aria said and walked out of the apartment slamming the door behind her.

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