What would happen if Hannah cheated with Ezra and Aria thought she needed to get back at Hannah so she hooked up with Caleb. But then things got more serious. They actually had real feelings for each other.


2. Hey Caleb

Aria drove to the brew where Caleb was working at the time,and ran in. CALEB! She sobbed. "Aria whats wrong" Caleb asked her. "H..H..H" Aria stuttered trying to catch her breath. "Aria spit it out" Caleb said trying not to laugh a little. "Hannah's cheating on you with Ezra"! Aria yelled. "what" Caleb asked clearly surprised.  "Hannah's chea-" Aria said getting cut off. "YEAH I HEARD YOU"! Aria flinched when Caleb raised his voice. "I'm sorry" Caleb  said surprisingly Tender. "Your not angry at me" Aria asked with surprise in her voice. "What of course not" "Why would I be mad at you." Caleb asked. "I don't know" Aria says. Caleb's face goes blank as he realized what Aria had just told him. "Hannah did what"?

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