Deadly Truth

A young man named Evan is torn when his best friend Liam Gates vanishes into thin air. He then meets his new neighbor Maxwell who is not the average boy next door.


2. The Truth

May 1st was a bright but cool Monday; I had woke from a sound sleep and made my way into the bathroom. I undressed, showered, and then dried off. The hot water wasn’t enough to break the low-mood that I was in, I once again noticed that my mother was absent from the house. (Ever since my father’s death from lung cancer when I was ten; mother had taken to spending her life cruising and drinking.)

I cooked myself a typical breakfast of eggs and bacon and when I was finished I rinsed off my dishes. I decided to take a walk through Langston Park; it was always a favorite jogging spot of Liam’s.

As I walked out on the porch I glanced across the street; Maxwell was sweeping his steps. As if he had sensed me staring, he lifted his head and then politely waved at me. I decided to be friendly and walked over to him.

“Morning.” I said, slightly embarrassed that he caught me staring.

“Morning stranger, haven’t seen you in awhile.” Maxwell pulled out his cell phone, “Your phone broken?”

“No…just have kept it off for a bit.”

“Evan it has been a whole month.” Maxwell frowns, “But I understand that you are going through something.”

I reached into my pocket and turned my iPhone 6+ back on. I had a few missed calls from my mother, Maxwell, and a blocked number.

“I’m sorry.” I frowned.

“Like I said I understand Evan. Have you heard from your friend?”

“No.” I felt the tears starting to form and quickly turned my head from Maxwell. “I’ll catch you later.” I began to walk off.

“I’ll text you later.” Maxwell yelled to me.


The park was pretty much empty that morning; aside from the occasional jogger and a squirrel or two. I looked over at the old wooden swing-set that was a few feet away from the only functioning water fountain in the park.

The swing-set meant a lot to me…it was Liam and I’s chill spot, well…one of them. But it was where we went whenever we had a lot on our minds, we agreed that the motion of swinging on the swings was soothing and cleared our minds.

I walked over and sat on the blue swing, it was mine. The green one belonged to Liam, green was his favorite color.

For a moment I caught glimpse of a ‘ghost’ of Liam’s memory; he was smiling at me and telling me that everything would be alright. But in my own mind I knew that he was gone…at least I still wanted to believe that he was amongst the living.

“Hey son we need you to move.” I heard a gruff man’s voice behind me. I got off the swing and turned to see a group of construction workers.

“Are you guys tearing down the swings?”

“Orders of the Mayor.” The man who spoke to me was probably the foreman.

“Oh…” I felt the tears once again…the swing-set was one of the last few things in town that belonged to my memory of Liam, and now it was to be torn down.

I walked away and headed off to my house. I felt my cell phone buzz and glanced at the screen.

Maxwell: You okay?

Evan: I’m fine… I replied.


Maxwell: Turn around.

I turned to see Maxwell standing behind me. He was holding a bowl filled with my favorite sweet-treat, chocolate-covered strawberries.

“How did you know I like chocolate covered strawberries?” I glanced at him with one eyebrow raised.

“Who doesn’t?” he smirked.

“Touché.” I reached into the bowl and took a single strawberry and then bit into it; it was so sweet my taste buds danced.

“You can have the whole bowl. I’ve got more in the house.” He handed me the bowl and I thanked him.

“No problem Ever.” When he called me that name…it was like time froze for a second, as if I had stepped into the ‘Twilight-Zone’.

“How do you know that nickname?” I said with a suspicious-tone

“What? I just figured it be a really cute nickname for you.” He smirked again, (I had sensed something behind it at that time), but I had no reason to suspect Maxwell of anything.

“Don’t ever call me that name. That was Liam’s nickname for me.” I felt the tears coming on.

“I’m sorry.” He looked at me; his voice was filled with so much caring and sincerity. “I think you could use a hug.” He spread his arms and smiled at me.

“I…I’m not sure that…” before I could finish talking, Maxwell’s arms were wrapped around me and he was holding me close. His embrace felt so warm; my God he felt just like Liam, he even smelled like him.

“You feel any better?” he whispered in my ear.

“Y…yes.” I actually did feel slightly better.

“I think you should go inside and take a nap.” He released me from his embrace and I couldn’t help but wish that it had lasted longer.

“That sounds nice.” I thanked Maxwell for his kindness and headed into the house for a nap.


After my nap I headed downtown to get some groceries for dinner; after grabbing a few ingredients I left the store and decided to take the shortcut through the park.

As I approached the park I saw a swarm of police cars and an ambulance. I felt my heart racing…I didn’t know why at that moment. I approached Sheriff Stonewall, when he spotted me he threw his hands up,

“Evan please don’t walk over here.” He shouted at me.

“Why no…” I dropped my bags as I watched the paramedics carrying a half-open black bag on a gurney. Liam’s eyes were open and filled with surprise; his body was covered in dirt and what appeared to be dry blood. It also appeared that he was shirtless.


“Evan…he is dead.”

“How…why….who would…” I dropped to my knees in tears.


Sheriff Stonewall had given me a ride home; I headed inside and curled up on the couch. There was a light knock on the door. I knew that my eyes were red and puffy from crying but I didn’t care. I answered the door, it was Maxwell.

“I saw you get dropped off in a police car. Is everything okay?”

“They found my friend.” I felt myself smirking a bit.

“Well that is good, where is he?” Maxwell looked behind me as if he expected to see someone inside.

“They found….his body.” I choked on my words and started to bawl again.

“Oh my God.” Maxwell’s voice had become sad-like as if he truly felt bad for me.

“I just need to be alone.”

“I think you should let me in.” his voice had a hint of demand in it, slightly deeper than his regular speaking voice.

“I really just want to be alone Maxwell.” I began to close the door but he grabbed it.

I looked him in the eyes, his stare was so intense and he seemed to gaze right into my soul, just like Liam.

“I really insist that you let me in Evan.” His voice was deeper now, not angry, but it was enough to inform me that he wasn’t going to take any ‘no’s’.

“Okay…” I stepped aside and let Maxwell inside of the house, closing the door as he entered.

“Nice house.” He looked around the living room and picked up a picture of me at age twelve, “Just as cute as you are now.”

I felt myself blushing from Maxwell’s compliment, “Thank you.”

“Got any video games?” he glanced at me as he placed the picture back down on the shelf.

“I have a Playstation 4 in my room.”

“We should go play it.” He said somewhat as if it were a hidden command.

“Ummm…sure.” I said.

“You need to say yes when you respond to me.” Maxwell said with a deeper-voice than usual.

“Ok…” I found myself blushing at Maxwell’s order.

We climbed the stairs and entered my room. Maxwell walked over to the bed and took a seat, he patted the spot next to him and I sat beside him. Before I knew it he had placed his hand on top of my leg.

“I thought we were going to play video games.”

Maxwell smirked. “I have a better game for us to play.”

He took my virginity that night…I would never be able to get it back. I was weak…venerable…


As the sun crept into the bedroom the following morning after I gave into Maxwell’s sexual desires. He stood at my dresser. Maxwell was dressed in Liam’s hoodie, the one he was wearing when the police had dug up his body. I could see the dirt stains and tears.

“What…what is going on?”

“You are such a beautiful boy Evan.” Maxwell smirked at me devilishly. “I’ve filled you with my seed and now you are mine.”

“What are you doing with Liam’s jacket?”

“Baby, don’t play stupid.” Maxwell walked over to the bed and sat beside me, I was paralyzed with fear.

“D…did you kill him.” I almost choked on my words.

“He wouldn’t give me what I wanted.” He kissed my cheek lightly. I could feel my tears swelling up.

“What did you want from him?” I was afraid of the answer.

“He met me on Jack’d, said he wanted a friend with benefits. We met, fucked, and I wanted to keep him.” Maxwell smirked at me again causing the acid in my stomach to bubble and burn, “I continued contacting him and asking him to meet me, and he refused.”

I got some of the movement of my muscles back and proceeded to reach for my cell phone, when I glanced at the nightstand I noticed that it was gone.

“Looking for this?” Maxwell held up my phone and placed it back into his pocket. “Wouldn’t do you any good I hacked into it, all your calls and text get rewired to my laptop.”

“What do you want from me?” I asked shaking.

“You’ve already given me it.” He licked his lips, “Your virginity and obedience, you obeyed my every command.”

“Then you’ll let me go right?”

Maxwell began to laugh at me, “Once your mine, you are mine forever baby.” Maxwell reached into a bag on the floor beside the bed and pulled out what looked like a porcelain doll mask. “You are my precious doll.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I just love you and you are my precious doll.” Maxwell then proceeded to force me to wear the mask, the inside reeked of rotting flesh and almost made me vomit, and I then realized that the faux-skin wrapped around the mask was actually the skin off of someone’s face.

“Whose skin is this?” my heart began to race.

“Your mother’s. She’ll always be a part of our lives now.” Maxwell looked at me with a stare of a deranged serial killer, like the ones from movies and television.

“You are fucking sick!” I yelled at him and began to take the mask off; he punched me in the stomach and then sliced my arm with a switchblade.

“What the hell!!!” I yelled out. “Please just let me go.”

“Your begging is making me hard baby.” Maxwell stood up and removed his boxers. His tan-colored dick with its red-colored head bobbed up and down for a few seconds, I noticed dried specks of blood along the shaft.

“Why is there blood on your dick?”

“Well after the first few rounds you fell asleep, I needed some more of you, and I slipped a couple pills into your mouth and fucked you hard and deep while you were sleeping.” He said it so fucking calmly it made me clench my fist.

“I don’t like the way you are tensing up.” He raised the switchblade which caused me to look at my arm; the cut wasn’t too deep or too big and was only dripping a little blood.

“Please let me wrap my arm.”

“Shut the fuck up!” he shouted at me as he snatched the blankets from me and pushed me down onto my back, he raised my legs and proceeded to insert the head of his penis inside of me. I watched the psychotic-lust in his eyes as he pounded inside of me while I laid there like a dead body. He wiped his fingers across my wound and used my blood and lubrication, I felt myself getting ready to throw up and he glared at me as if he knew what my body was about to do.

He penetrated me deeper and deeper I felt as if my insides were being rearranged. The smell of the mask was starting to overwhelm me…I felt myself blacking out as he continued thrusting into me.


Sheriff Stonewall’s men dragged Maxwell downstairs in handcuffs as I was swarmed by paramedics and reporters attempting to ask me what had happened.

I didn’t even remember them coming into the room. The paramedics stated that the drug he used to rape me during the night was still in my system and had caused me to pass out again.

I asked them if they found my mother’s body and they looked at me confused.

“He said the inside of that doll mask I was wearing was my mother’s skin.”

“Doll mask?” one of the paramedics questioned.

“He forced me to wear a porcelain doll mask and called me his ‘precious’ doll.”

“The police haven’t found any mask like that.” The paramedics looked at one another, “You might have been hallucinating a bit from the drug.”

I asked for my cell phone and one of the officers handed it to me, I attempted to call my mother’s phone but it said it was out of service.

“I’m telling you that bastard killed my mother.”

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