Deadly Truth

A young man named Evan is torn when his best friend Liam Gates vanishes into thin air. He then meets his new neighbor Maxwell who is not the average boy next door.


3. Epilogue: The Mask

Epilogue: The Mask

Eight Years Later

After my horrifying experience with Maxwell Parker I moved to the small town of Annabelle Texas.

I learned that a string of killings had started taking place and that the killer had worn the same mask that Maxwell had forced me to wear.

A young boy named Andrew was abducted by Annabelle’s Killer who was revealed to be a fella by the name of Charles Grady under the alias of Aiden Pierce.

I swore to myself, Liam and my Mother that I would track down the origins of the mask and do my best to make sure the killings stop.

--Evan Griffin

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