Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


9. Chapter 9.

  "He couldn't have found us!" Liam said.

  "But, it has to be someone else!" Louis said.

  That's when I ran towards the bunks with the boys following me. I had to make sure that Alexa was alright and that it wasn't Darren or his demons, coming to capture Alexa. I got to the bunks to see a girl, far from my bunk, scared. Long wavy brown hair, sort of tanned, mix with pale.

  "Who are you?" I asked, softly, "And why do you want the girl?"

  Right away, they stopped being scared and looked over to me. Burgundy eyes that turned to bright red eyes. It was Sophia. She was unique from most demon girls. Most demon girls were into blood and killing things, including humans. Sophia was into plants and eating like humans. She never believed in killing humans. She hated it.

  "Love?" I heard Liam say as he walked towards her.

  Sophia looked to Liam and ran into his arms and held him super close and tight. I've known Sophia for a long time. I've known her since we were little kids. Her parents and sister were murdered by protecting my father before he was murdered as well. Ever since that day, I stood by her side and she stood by me. I promised her that when I'm stronger, I'm going to avenge her family and my father and she wanted to do the same.

  "I'm so happy you're safe love." Liam smiled as he kissed her head.

  Sophia would usually get hurt from all the other demon girls for being unique. Her family ate the same way as her. My family and I supported it and so did her family and her support us eating animals. Just seeing her safe and sound makes me feel better.

  "I didn't mean to scared her," Sophia said, upset.

  "Don't worry about it, Sophia," I smiled at her, "We didn't properly introduce her to you."

  That's when she looked over to Alexa, who was at the edge of my bed, giving a small smile to her. I knew, for a fact, that Sophia didn't want to hurt Alexa, but was curious on who this girl was. And when Alexa opened her eyes too fast and thought that Sophia was an enemy.

  "Sophia," I told her, "This is the special girl that Darren wants. Alexa. And Alexia, this is my best friend, Sophia."

  "Hi." Alexa smiled shyly.

  "Hello." Sophia smiled, "It's nice to meet you."

  "Anyways." Harry said, "How did you get on the bus?"

  "Yeah," Louis said, looking at her.

  "Well, I used my teleportation powers to get on the roof of the bus and used my walk through walls power to get in."

  "How did you know we were on the move?" Liam asked, confused.

  "Well, my teleportation powers know where you all go so when I used it, it brought me on the roof."

  That's when she laughed innocently. Then, I saw Alexa pass out on my bed, cuddling on my blanket and pillows. I smiled as I walked to her and kissed her head before whispering goodnight and stuff as I closed the curtain again and dimming the lights.

  "Let's give her some space to rest." I told them.

  They nodded as we left silently. We got back to the main room where Liam went into the small kitchen that was behind the driver's seat and started to cook a salad for Sophia. Sophia loves salads. From Greek to Caesar. She's not crazy about tuna salad, but she's alright with it.

  "Where were you guys off to anyways with Alexa?" Sophia asked us.

  "We weren't sure," I answered her.

  "But, as far as possible." Liam added.

  "There is a forest where not all demons are allowed to enter right?"

  We all looked at each other, surprised because we never knew about this forest. No one ever told us about it. How did Sophia know about it?

  "Somebody told me about it."

  "Who told you about it?" I asked her.

  I don't think any demons would know about this forest. If none of the boys knew about it, who would that Sophia knows. Unless...Someone I know knows about it and didn't want to tell me about it.

  "So love," Liam asked, "Who was it that told you?"


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