Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


8. Chapter 8.

  We just smiled at each other until the door creaked open. Right away, I turned around, holding Alexa behind me and my fangs appearing with my nails. Those monsters will NOT come near this girl. Even if it kills me! I could feel Alexa's grip get tighter and tighter on my shirt.

  "Whoever you are," I said, mad, "You have to get through me first to get the girl!"

  "Don't worry lad!"

  That voice is familiar. That had to be Zayn's voice. That's when I saw a pair of hands raise to the sky. Tanish coloured skin too. It was Zayn! I saw a black quiff pop up as they got closer and closer into the main room. We saw Zayn walking towards us as the boys boarded the bus.

  "We brought some food." Zayn smiled.

  That's when Louis threw 7 lifeless demon bodies on the floor for each of us. Right away, I could feel Alexa starting to feel unease with these demon bodies. I took her head and put it on my chest before leaving the room. The boys looked at each other with confusion.

  "Don't worry," I said to her, "You won't see those bodies anymore."

  "Are you sure?" She asked.


  I brought her to my bunk of the bus. She looked like she was ready to puke everywhere due to the bodies' disgusting smell and blood on them. Then, Alexa put her face in my chest to smell a strong scent of cologne. I can feel her getting comfortable than how she was feeling just now.

  "Better?" I smiled.

  "Much better." She sighed in relief, "Thank you."

 *Hours later.*

  I watched her sleep, soundly in my bed as I heard the boys still munching down the meat of the dead demons. Then, I felt Alexa shiver in her sleep. I took my sweater off and put it around her as I put the blanket around her and tucked her in, making her smile in her sleep. I couldn't help, but smile and blush as I kissed her forehead.

  "Goodnight," I whispered in her ear, "Sleep tight. Sweet dreams."

  I watched Alexa grow a smile on her face as she slept peacefully when I closed the curtain of my bunk to let her rest up after what she has seen today. To be honest, what she saw today was pretty horrendous. I walked away from the bunks and walked into the main room where everyone was situated.

  "Look who came and joined us." Zayn said, jokingly.

  "Look who's talking." I smiled at him.

  Just as I said that, he pointed the finger at me. I laughed and took a seat next to Liam. Liam gave me the last demon body and the moment he gave it to me, I devoured it. I was starving. And this demon's blood and meat was tasty. Very tasty.

  "Now." Louis said, drinking the bottled water, "What's the plan on protecting the girl?"

  "Well," Preston said, "We are getting her out of this province."

  "And to where?" Zayn said, with a bit of sass.

  "That's something we haven't figured out yet." Paul answered.

  "I would say England or Ireland." Harry suggested, "But, it would trigger the demons there right away."

  "Why not Antarctica?" Zayn said.

  "Zayn!" We all yelled out, low.

  He just rolled his eyes. I know he was giving a suggestion, but he knows that NO ONE survives that kind of cold. Not even us demons! He's insane.

  "I guess we have to keep her on tour with us for the time being." Liam said.

  "Make sure she does NOT get caught by paparazzi." Preston said, "The fans will get suspicious with this new girl following you guys around."

  "Those paps would do ANYTHING to get a photo of the girl." Paul added, "So, protect her as if you guys were hiding her from Darren."

  We all nodded. I will make sure that those nasty people don't get a shot of Alexa. Not when I'm around. But, I could just feel my anger building up when Paul mentioned Darren. He has no rights to come into the Human World to kidnap a girl just so his father can be revived. I should be doing that to revive MY father. But, father taught me better than that.

  "I will not forgive what Darren did...," I said, slamming my fist onto the table.

  Everyone looked at me, concerned. I can see it in my mind, over and over and over and over again. The replay of when my father was murdered and his last words to me, Greg and mum before he disappeared. My father told me to always stay strong, no matter what happens. Everytime I think of my father, I want all my emotions to come out and cry like a baby. But, I'm too angry for that. My blood thirsts for revenge.

  "Don't worry lad," Liam said, putting his hand on my shoulder, "You'll get your revenge back. I promise you."

  I smiled as the rest of the boys smiled with a small nod, supporting my idea for revenge. I will not forgive Darren for what he has done and he will pay. I was about to say something when I heard a small shriek come from the bunks. How did Darren already find us?!

  'He will not get her!' I thought, eyes glowing black.


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