Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


4. Chapter 4.

  *Hours later, 1:00 a.m.*

  I felt myself on a soft, comfy bed as if I was in a hotel room. I started to slowly open my eyes to reveal a nice chandelier in the middle of the room, beige walls with some nice paintings, a bureau with a plasma screen TV, two beds and a door, leading to the balcony on the left side of me. What am I doing in a hotel room? Then, the main door creaked open, making me look over towards it.

  "Who's there?!" I said, scared.

  "It's only me love." A soft Irish accent echoed the room.

  I was relieved that it was only Niall. But, the moment he walked in, I saw him with full black eyes, blood trickling down his lips, his skin pale. I rubbed my eyes and when I opened them, I saw Niall the same way I saw him in concert a year ago. Blue eyes, not pale, no blood. Was I imagining it all?

  "You okay?" He asked, concerned.

  "Yeah," I told him, "I thought I saw you as a demon or something like that. But, demons don't exist."

  When I said that, Niall bit his lips, nervously. Why is he biting his lips? Is he scared that they may be alive? Or is he scared about something else? I checked the time and freaked when I saw 1:00a.m.. I got up, taking my phone from the bureau and my jacket from the hanger, next to the door.

  "Thank you for letting me stay for a bit." I smiled at Niall, "But, I must g-"

  "You can't go." Niall said, not looking to me.

  "Why not?" I look confused at him as his back was towards me.

  I watched Niall walk towards the door of the balcony and looking out. He signalled to me to come near him and I obeyed. I was a little scared on what he was about to show me outside. I got to him and stand right next to him and saw people walking. But, why at 1 in the morning?

  "Those aren't humans." He said.

  "What?" I said, confused, "Who or what are they?"


  My eyes widened, my mouth opened. I couldn't believe what I just heard. How are they alive? How did they get here? How am I going to survive on Earth with these monsters around here?

  "But, demons don't exist."

  "We actually do."


  Slowly, Niall's head turned towards me as his eyes turned all black. I gulped really hard, but low so he wouldn't hear it, his skin going pale and his nails growing. I couldn't believe it. One Direction's Niall a demon! Right away, I was about to leave, but I fell backwards and landed on my butt as Niall just watched me. Upset was all over his face.

  "If you're going to eat me..," I said with tears in my eyes and fear in my voice, "Then, do it now!"

  "I am not going to eat you." Niall said, kneeling down and stroking my hair.

  I looked to him with a bit of relief, but a lot of confusion. A demon isn't going to eat me? What?

  "I promised meself to not hurt you the moment I laid eyes on you. The lads and I found out you were the girl that all the demons want and we promised to not eat you. But, instead, protect you."

  "The boys are...demons too..?"

  Niall nodded as he held me close to his chest. I heard no heart beat, beating in his chest. But, how can I trust someone who said they won't hurt me? Especially if it's a demon!? As I hugged back, I felt a warm sensation going around our bodies. Then, something surrounded our bodies. I looked to see Niall's wings around as if it was protecting us.

  "I will make sure that no one comes and takes you away from me." Niall said.

  Suddenly, we heard screaming coming from outside. Right away, Niall ran over to the door and saw something that was scary and angry.

  "Oh no.." He said, "This isn't good."

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