Demons on the Loose.

*The category of my fanfiction is going to be concentrated on Demons.*

In a world where humans are at peace and have nothing to fear. Until demons appeared in 4 corners of the world in search of delicious blood to feed on. But, the demons are looking for one specific person...Alexa Lionhart. The freaky part is...Demons were already living in the human world.


23. Chapter 23.

  *Greg's P.O.V.*

  I hit the floor hard with blood on my fingers and dripping from my head. I got up slowly as one of the soldiers held his spear at my neck. He looked at me with an evil smile as two other soldiers picked me up and held me in place where I tried to struggle.

  "There's no point in struggling!" The soldier laughed evilly, "You're never going to be set free, you little brat!"

  I gave him a dirty, mad look as he laughed evilly, walking away from me. His men brought me closer to the portal to the Human World and I watched them jump in to kill some people for food. I watched them return with dead bodies, heads chopped off, blood dripping everywhere.

  "Feeling hungry yet, Gregory?"

  To be honest, I never drank blood since my father passed away. Even before then, I would never drink blood. I always found it disgusting and I'm a demon. But, I was starting to get hungry since I haven't eaten in two weeks. I can go for 2 months without eating if I wanted to.

  "My lord, I don't think he's hungry." One of them said.

  "He's not saying anything and it's really creepy." Another said.

  "Silence you fools!" He yelled out, "He's giving us the silent treatment. He WANTS to die and meet his father in hell!"

  That's when my wings came out from my back and stabbed the two soldiers right in their hearts, making them frozen in fear as blood dripped down from their chests. The other soldier looked at me with fear as I looked up slowly with an evil smirk on my face.

  "Last time I checked, your old King was in hell," I told him, "Not me father."

  He gasped in fear and before he knew it, his head was chopped off from his body, making blood drop everywhere. Everybody stopped and watch as I stood there, watching the commander's body fall to the ground, twitching like crazy.

  "Who else wants to be like him?" I said, looking around.

  Most of them stayed around me as they held their weapons in front of them, waiting for an attack. They started to walk closer and closer to me as I walked back away from them. Suddenly, I heard a voice that echoed the whole city.

  "Do not give up, my son."

  What the..?! Was that who I think it was?! I looked around to see that everything surrounding me was frozen. What just happened? Who did this?! All of a sudden, there was a ray of sunlight that brightened the whole Demon World, causing me to cover my eyes.

  "Look to the sky, my son."

  The voice...It's slowly starting to come back to me. I remember hearing it 10 years ago. I looked up to the bright light slowly, making sure that no one was unfrozen. This ray of light was bringing hope to me and I can feel it inside my veins.

  "Father..?" I finally said, choking on my tears, "Is..that you..?"

  I patiently waited for an answer, but got nothing. I knew it had to be my imagination screwing with me since this scene reminded me when father was fighting the old King, Darren's father. I looked down, upset and before I knew it, I was in tears.

  'I knew it wasn't real..' I thought.

  Then, I heard.

  "It's me, Gregory."

  I looked back up to the ray with full tears in my eyes as the light got brighter. I watched it get brighter as the tears flowed in my eyes and dripped down on my cheeks. I couldn't believe it, it was father the whole time. And he must've froze everything in place.

  "Son, I came to tell you that your brother, Niall, defeated King Darren. You no longer have to avenge me. You may now relax from all the 10 restless years that made you this way."

  "I promised meself that I will avenge you and no one else will." I said.

  "Greg...You need to rest your mind and soul, including your body.. for everyone you love, care and cherish. Your mum, your son and wife, your brother and me, your father."

  I looked down as the tears continued to stream down my cheeks when I felt a warm sensation around my body to know that my father was hugging me. I knew I was going to be hugging myself, but having my father's presence here and hugging me, I was all right and I hugged myself.

  "I love you son. Please take care of your mum and brother for me, including your wife and son."

  "I love you too father," I choked on my tears, "I will."

  Then, I saw the ray of light disappearing which meant father had to go. I held myself tighter as the tears fell down harder than before. I knew this wasn't the end of seeing my father, but it breaks me everyday that he isn't here with us. I wish he was. 

  "Goodbye Gregory. Tell your mum and brother I love them so. We will meet again, I know it. I love you."

  "Goodbye father. I love you too."

  Then, the ray disappeared completely which made me fall on my knees, knowing he's gone again. Everything was back in time, unfreezing everything, including the soldiers who were confused on the situation. But, when they saw me on my knees, they came closer.

  "Giving up to our King are you?!" One said.

  "Your King is dead." I told him, "My brother is the new King."

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